24 August 2008

26th Aug 08, Public Holiday for Penang

it seems that 26th Aug 08, has been declare a Public Holiday, (via malaysiakini , the Malaysia Insider & NST on line) by Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng, to enable voters to vote in the P44, Pematang Pauh By Election. . . . . That well and good for the Govt Servants, a few Private sector employees may follow suite in granting the Holiday. But most in the Private sector, especially in the Hospitality Trade like Me, will be working as in our appointment letter spell out the number of Public Holiday that is available for us. I am not hopefull to get that extra one day off. . . . . For some its just 8 days, other may be more, at my current working place its 14 day, not bad already. . . . . Well every one will do what ever to get their ppl to win.

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