31 August 2007


Today is the 50th Independence day of Malaysia, May we the various races of Malaysia enjoy many more such independence day in relative harmony and peace in the spirit conceive by our Nation Leaders in 1957..........

Ghost Festival 2007

The Ghost Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival which is celebrated by the Chinese in this country and is usually celebrated on the 7th Month of the Chinese calendar (usually around August / September) which is considered the ghost month, where business drop for the Restaurants. This is due to the fact that Chinese do not like to leave their house after night falls unless for urgent business as the Spirits may be mischievous and cause trouble or havoc to those who do so. This year alone there have been a sprat of Express Bus accidents with multiple death as well as fires during this time. On the 14th Day onwards there will be “shows” held at various localities for the entertainment of the ghost, spirits as well as other Night Life as to appease them.
This shows are usually at temples but not necessary so and there will be various offerings and joss stick burning during the entire time the festival is on at the location.
This Shows were usually Chinese (Teow Chew Style) Opera, but in this Modern age, new type of shows have creep in due to three main factors. Firstly there are lesser Chinese Opera troops, Secondly there are more localities having this festival, thus increasing demand on the existing troops. Thirdly, the living spectators which has been brought up on Modern Entertainment demand lead to Modern shows which features usually Scantily dressed Female Performers (increasingly foreign) singing through the night which are available. (Around Twenty years back, TV’s were set up and video of tape Chinese opera was played.) .
. . .
I usually do not go to observe or participate in this type of festivals, mainly due to the locality I stay as well as the inclination of my family. However this year I have the privilege of staying in a housing estate that celebrate this festival a mere 100 meter from my rented house. .
. .
At this place, this festival have became the “Highlight” and the “Night Life” of the Locality, Three temporary large sheds were set up, one of the Food, one for the offerings and one as the stage, with a place for the Joss Sticks.

The Stage, As you can see, there is a large crowd of spectators, The Show going on is the the traditional Chinese opera performance. The K750i camera is swarmed by the light condition, as such the show cannot be seen.

The Offerings , Various prayers with various offering which may included Roast Suckling Pigs, Beers, Rice and others, note the giant “Emperor of Hell” figure at the end of the shed.

The Food Stalls

What a festival with out the food? After walking and looking around, we stop at the food shed. In fact the place have the atmosphere of a small pasar malam which various stalls selling food and other stuffs. .
We had the Loh Bak, which is basically various snack type food stuffs deep fried cut up and serve with two types of dip one which is a spicy dip.

See Kor Th’ng a combination dessert drink, the char koey teow, which was surprising palatable.

We also pack to take home the Ba Chang Koey a type of Chinese peanut pancake. It is prepared in a big pan, and is folded in half and cut in to pieces.

As well as the Sotong Bakar, Dry Grilled Squid which have been Stretch and pulled, Chewy but fragrant.

The End Product, ready to eat with chillies, pounded peanuts. good with Beer as a snack

The Starting Product, Dry Squid with Squid being grilled at the background

The device to stretch out, the squid, previously the squid was pounded with a hammer.

30 August 2007

Goddess of Mercy Temple in Penang

My wife requested me to bring her to the Goddess of Mercy Temple at Pitt Street, George Town, Penang for her to perform some prayers. So this fine Monday after breakfast at Tanjung Bungah Market we drove to George Town to drop by at the Temple for prayers.
The Roof of the Temple, click to enlarge and zoom in to see details of the roof ornaments.
"Now for a bit of history. Goddess of Mercy Temple Also called the Kwan Yin Teng, it is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Penang. Built in 1801 by early immigrant settlers from China, the building is decorated with intricately crafted dragons and a pair of stone sculptured lions which are said to be its guardians. "
Source Intenet web sites.....
"Undoubtedly the most popular Chinese temple in Penang, the Kuan Yin Teng, is flocked by pilgrims and followers all year round, particularly on the first and fifteenth day of each lunar month. There is a lovely square where puppet shows and Chinese operas are staged on the Goddess of Mercy's feast days. The square is always a centre of bustling activity, and there is an octagonal well in one corner, which was once a public well for the Chinese community."
Source Internet website.
My wife perform the Prayers with me taking care of our Number 2 daughter. I took the opportunity to take a few snapshots of the Temple, however it is a bit difficult in taking photos while taking care of a 2 year old.





Offerings to the Goddess, Lotus Shape Candles .

The Main Altar
On this same street as the temple there is a church, a mosque, and a temple, all located in George Town, Penang, This temple is one of the Main Tourist Site in Penang Island.

Map of Sungai Bakap, Penang, Seberang Prai Selatan

A number of Hits on this Blog is from either Google or Yahoo search looking for Sungai Bakap Map. So as a service to those looking for a map of Sg Bakap here is it, it is only a general map of the area.

29 August 2007

The Changing Climate

Now a days you can get Flood just about any where especially with the changing climate which we are experencing.
Just the other day after 3 hours of heavy rain, the main road of Sungai Bakap town got hit by flash floods (north end). A stretch of road around 100 plus meter was flooded to normal traffic. A Mercedes got stuck in the water at the end of the street, and have to be left there. It was all dry again in one hour. However this place has not experience flood here before.

Pasar Malam Sushi

Now a days pasar malam also offer upmarket or non traditional food. Just don’t expect 100% Japanese Style. You will get some Malaysian variation. The Japanese Marinated Squid is RM 4 a pack, the Sushi from RM2 to RM4 per pack.

28 August 2007

Penang Buildings

Here are some snapshots of Refurbish “Heritage”Building or Cultural Buildings around Grand Paradise Hotel. Some of them are a bit off the beaten track. First off is the Gee Hiang Show room. Penang famous Tambun Biscuit is available here. A must for any Malaysian to show he/she came to Penang or for a penangite to bring along when going outstation as a gift for friends, relatives or business associates. Anson Road, Macalister Road junction.
Next are two building on the road behind Grand Paradise Hotel, a Shop lot modified in to A Chinese Temple and a Unique Office......

More National Flag

This grouping of National Flags is flown at Kampong Jawi, a Chinese New Village in Penang (Mainland), Seberang Prai Selatan to celebrate Malaysia 50th Independence Day in 2007.
Photo Snap on the move


27 August 2007

Malaysian Drivers

Malaysian Drivers, love them or hate them, most of them don't follow the traffic rules. Near Tg Bungah Market, Penang Island

New World Park revisited 2.

It was time for us to revisit New World Park for the Penang Street Food there. It look like the other parts of New World Park will be open quite soon looking at the activities going on there.
What i like about this place is it's clean toilet, and easy parking and decent food (in general).
This time i decided to give the Char Koey Teow a try. Well what good about it is Large Prawns, Banana Leaf under liner and it was fragrant. Give it a 90% rating. What i did not like is the current trend of less salt and the guy did not get it done my way, but that is personal taste.
To cool myself down, I took the ice kachang, lots of goodies in it.

26 August 2007

Firefly - The Penang Airline 3

Well Firefly is spreading it wings with Brand new Orangy Office in Komtar, Penang Island and if i am not mistaken at Auto City, Juru, Prai, Penang Mainland.
For those of you oldtimers that know, what was the Old MAS office in Penang that was shut down years back, well it is now the Firefly office. Funny thing for a Penang community airline. the phone number is a Klang Valley number. at least Firefly is not operating the Rural Air Service, Mas Wings is doing that.
The Old MAS office is a excellent place for publicity i must say but the rent! unless it is own by Mas?
I have not try Firefly services yet. I don't fly around, If any one has just drop a comment or two about your flight.

Batu Ferringhi Market

You are looking at a picture of the Batu Ferringhi General Market, This fast growing town or village which is the main area on Penang Island where most 80% of the actual tourist stay and a premier Malaysia My Second Home location with around 3000+ units apartments, and houses has a open air market which is open daily from 7am till around 10pm. Those of you in the area and want to see some local colour not too far from your hotel room, drop by, it is located just behind the Mutiara Apartments which is opposite Golden Sands.
Picture taken with My K750i, from the belcony of my inlaw appartment during my last visit there.

Gadgets and Such

For the past month or so when shopping i have been looking for some unusual items to highlight on this blog. Well 5 items struck my eye.
A Hot Air Cloths dryer, well for those in Malaysia who have problem drying cloth in our hot weather, or those whose appartment, condo or flat do not allow you to hand out your cloths to dry. this Cloths dryer will do the job. But may blow your budget on your monthly eletrical bill. Seen at Carrefor Prai.
a Juicer, cut the Lemon, Lime, Orange in Half, place the fruit, and lean on the leaver, do that a couple of time you will work up a thirst, remove cup and have a drink. For RM36.90 this human power machine may save enough eletricity to afford the Cloths Dryer up there. Also at Carrefor, Prai.
A Mosquitoes Cather, for sweet dreams uninterupted! well i wonder if it works, and what are the principles behind it. also at Carrefor Prai.
A Tool Clock, Just the right stuff for those who play around with a tool set, loose a tool, just head for your clock, the tool you need may just be there. Ecosave Parit Buntar.
A all in one Tea Maker Set, You have all the equiptment to make tea for 4, a water boiler, a tea pot and 4 cups. Have a cuppa. Ecosave Parit Buntar.
No payment have been receive to highlight the above products!
Gadget: Nice to have, but not really needed!

Unidentified Spiders

Some thing caught my eye the other day, Spiders, in fact 3 types of spiders I did not see b4, here are 2 of the spiders, did not manage to get a clear picture of the 3rd spider. Can any one identify what spider they are?

Number One Daughter Birthday

I have left this blog to cruise on its own for a bit of time just to see what will happen. Any way its number one daughter birthday. Happy Birthday Number One Daughter, May Malaysia be a good home for you. It is your nine birthday, and we hope there will be many more happy birthday to come. Study hard, We you parents give you complete freedom in deciding what studies you are to take up, religion, husband, Make use of it wisely.
We celebrated at 51 Lemon grass a Thai restaurant at Tanjung Bungah Penang, more on that later. Cost me a bomb, Dinner Plus cake came up to RM350 for a dinner of 10 and the food was just ok.

National Day Flag Flying

It the time of the year that all the ppl in the gomen will call us to fly the National Flag at our house, the newspapers will print the right way to fly our flag and all such stuffs.
Free Flags have been given out in the past, and now we are encourage to buy our own, hey it's cheaper then to get a pack of smokes.
Well with out any encouragement, my father have flown our national flag the Jalor Gemilang for the past 50 years. That right, from the first year of "merdeka" to now. (He is nearly 80 now) He purchase a National flag (tailor made in those days) in 1957, and it have been flying proudly every 31st August.
It was lonely those days, being the only flag in the area, but it slowly got less lonely, and it also stated to be flown for a month a few years back. Nowadays we get Flags every where this time of the year, including the following examples. Sign......... I do not think this is the right way for any flag to be treated.