23 November 2008

Bagan Ajam Beach

After finishing work this fine Sat, (6am till 3pm) i decided to take my 3 kids out for a drive, My intention is to scout for a location with good view of Penang Island, so i can take some night photos.
View of Komtar from Bagan Ajam.
I found it, and i also found a decent beach not to far from Butterwort at Bagan Ajam along the BORR highway at the BORR Bagan Ajam Rest Stop. Click here
Beach, Nice Sandy, just like what you will get in Penang Island, only with view of Komtar
Close Up View of the Ships
"The 4 fingers" at Tanjung Bungah on the Island, A Controversial condo Project
the Beach, with view of the Port at the Back
A Speeding Sampan
If some one put their heads to it, this area can be the Esplanade, Gurney Drive and Queensbay of Butterworth,

Birthday @ Corner Club

Happy Birthday Mom!
It was mom birthday, and we started looking for a wheel chair friendly restaurant to take her to. Having that in mind, I suggested Corner Club, as it was pretty wheelchair friendly and the food is good.
As it was quite some time we have been here last, I was surprise to see the ramps at the restaurant entrance have vanished. Still it is easy for my mon to step out of the car, and manage that one step up in to the restaurant.
That when we notice that the restaurant have undergone some extensive renovation, it bigger, brighter, neater, and that i begin to get worried on the food quality.
To cut the story short, the food quality remains, it's still as good as before, even with the new management, the renovation, all the usual menu items remain, and now you can even get tim sum at night here.
They dont bring the tim sum in carts any more, you order from a photo menu, and they steam them fresh and bring it out. I like that, many time i have to eat soggy tim sum due to oversteaming in the carts.
Price wise it remain the same. Any way we enjoy our lunch here! and will be back for more

Water Tap Display

Normally when you enter a shopping center wash room you will find that all the taps are similar, well not this shopping center wash room, it also serve as a tap display showcase! Every single tap inside this place is different!

13 November 2008

Red Garden, George Town, Upper Penang Road

Cross a Food Court and a Nite Market, you will get Red Garden. formerly a Pub, now this old mansion have been transform in to a food court, that concentrate on late nite crowd, as some of the stall were not even open or ready at 7pm. It have two entrance, One on Upper Penang Road, while the other is on the road behind, where New Cathay Hotel is.
I use the Penang Road Entrance which is inside a Car Park, Very Convenient, However the car park is pricy, RM2/- per hour.
Nice interesting Ceiling Decoration.
Oyster Omelette, Fairly good, Up to Standard.
Chicken Rice, Overall, Urg! No comment, however if you eat just the chicken it fairly well done. The Rice is some thing else though. Even My wife agreeed. Western Food, Better then average . . . . There also a few shops that is open just like a typical nite market. This place is a place where you have to go late, It cater to the tourist as well as the night drinking crowd, and there are singers around too.

Neww BT Food Court

There is a new Food Court in Town. I have not sample the food there yet, but i is a big food court, with all the usual hawker food and some. There is also a lucky draw or some thing. Location : next to Am Assurance along Burma Road, Just after Penang Plaza.
Food here is not cheep though, But it big, wide and airy, not hot at all, and many many car parks which is important. I will be back here to try it out. This food court even have a web!

10 November 2008

Restaurants & Parking at AEON Seberang Prai

I like AEON Seberang Prai, (at Bandar Perda) because in bring to the Penang (Mainland) some of the frills of Penang Island Shopping and KL Type Restaurants. I was there last night, not too crowded, but not bad. There is good parking space with sheltered walk way and the access is nice.
It even have a lot of handicap parking, spots, however i notice some not too civil conscious drivers will park their car at this location, when i walk past there was this merc and kancil, and they don't even bother to park properly. In the Restaurant Corner you will get all the usual suspects such as KFC, Mac D, Nando, Kenny Rogers, Starbucks, some KL grown restaurants like Secret Recipe, Nandos, Laksa Shack, White Coffee, and some local grown restaurants . . . . What i notice is some of the restaurant are pack, Mac D, Pizza Hut, White Coffee,while some business are not so good, like secret recipe, nando, kenny rogers, Is this due to the Penang Price Factor, and perceive value for money? The Main thing however as a person in the Hospitality industry is that all the workers seem to be FOREIGNERS, even some restaurant all the SERVERS and the COOK are FOREIGNERS including the captain, supervisors, managers. . . . One Restaurant though, (a KL Chain, on the 1st Floor) seem to be making a effort in hiring locals, there was a small banner up, Manager 3K, Supervisor 2K, etc, To me Salary seem to be on the higher side of norm, but there seem to be no takers? What Up? Locals are shying away from working in Restaurants? etc.