31 March 2008

Low Light Trail for the Fuji FinePix S5700

Fuji FinePix S5700 performance in Low Light / Night with Lighting Conditions, I am satisfied with it performance especially when Compared with my camera phone the SE K750i.

Auto Mode, with 10X Optical Zoom in two different Light Conditions, Time Difference of around 15 Min.

This Photos are taken "Snapshot Style" on Auto with out any Zoom, without looking at the Display and No Flash.

As long as there is no direct light source, the photo came out good, not grainy and details can be clearly made out. I will have to try to shoot bracket shots, and try out a star cross filter. More Experiment is in Order.



Photo's taken at a Pasar Malam at Nibong Tebal, Image Resize from 7.1 MP


Now I get it to downloading Multiple Photo - Click on "download another".

30 March 2008

Environmental Unfriendly Lorry

How can this lorry be on the road considering the amount of Black Smoke it is emitting? JPJ and the Transport Ministry should look into this very seriously.
My coworker say that this lorry is not too bad actually, there are worst offenders, just the other day he say that he saw a lorry that is emits so much smoke that he could not see the road! This snaps were taken on my way to the Post Office (Pos Laju) to get my new camera.
The Picture Below is a Driver who like to jump que by taking the right turn lane to be infront of the que, Unfortunately for him, I actually wanted to turn right, and created a ruckus as the light was green and he stop, so he got no choice but to go to the front, By that time the light have turn green.

First I get stuck behind a smoking lorry, then i get stuck behing this que jumping driver. Bad Trip



Fortunately for this driver, the Traffic Cops did not see this, I know the Cops cannot be every where but these guys deserve getting saman.

Ching Ming 2008

It's that time of the year again, to visit our ancestors resting sites & to clean them up, Ching Ming we chinese call it, (further explanation see last year post!) Have made preparation to go on the 6th April, Other folks are going early, today is Sunday 30th March, and the roads to work (which past 3 graveyard) is barely moving at 8am!
Photos Below are Shot from My Car, a Zoom Lens makes the job much easier.
I must say that the Fuji S5700 does a decent job in hazy / high contrast situations.
Note: Found a image resizer, though it a extra step, down loading photo is now faster due to small file size, 2Mp file size is still ok though its slow, now its flys. If only blogger allows us to down load multiple files at a time and we can indicate where we want the photo's.
Footnote: I started blogging a year ago, I must say it's a expensive hobby besides the streamyx access fee.

29 March 2008

Initial Photos taken with the Fuji Finepix S5700

Most of the photo here are taken using the Auto Setting, I am just enjoying the Camera as it's my first time using it. Photo of a Bird Nest with Baby Birds inside!
Mummy Mummy I am hungry! Still life
Mini Fountain
Zoom at Zero
Zoom at Max 10X Optical
Zoom at Max Optical and Digital!
Still Life Open Air
Still Life Open Air
A Swing
Golf, Sandy Greens
Zoom at Max Optical Hand Held
Zoom at Max Optical and Digital Hand Held
I am Happy!
All Photo's resize as to Maximise my google account

Gadgets - Fuji FinePix S5700

This is my latest gadget, a 7.1mp Fuji FinePix S5700, with a 10 X Optical Zoom, 5 X Digital Zoom. Now I can start taking more serious photos. The SE K750i is a adequate camera phone but not in low light conditions, and it cannot zoom. Once i can get the hang of it i will start another blog for special photographs. Frankly I use to love taking photo in Low Light conditions, 25 years back.

The Camera Fuji FinePix S5700.


I purchase this from Lelong, from a Merchant "kohwp's Online Store" at this link http://www.lelong.com.my/merchant/default.asp?userid=kohwp. for a serious discount of the usual retail price. The Camera is a demo set, as such, i have to consider it use, and i "won" the auction just below the Quick Grab price.


The Package On arrival


Now usually i will not indicate who i purchase it from especially if it from Lelong. but I have to make a exception this time as frankly this person deliver what he promise. I email asking for additional details, reply within 4 hours, I Bank in the Money and e mail him at 1pm, by 9pm he e mail back that he has posted the item (Poslaju) and gave me the trekking number (Thu). I receive the item two days after that (Sat) because the item arrive at the local pos laju distribution center after the Posman have left on Friday.


Inside the Package (well protected)

What i got is the Camera, a Usb cable, a CD, and a User Manual. There is No Camera Case, No Lens Cap, No Strap, No Memory Card, No batteries. The Camera arrive with a slight Mark on the Side see photo below. (Which is to be expected for a demo set).



The Camera, Slight Mark at the Side



I purchase 4 AA Alkeline Battries, a card reader and a 2 GB SD card to start off. My additional shopping list will be, camera case, lens cover, camera strap, rechargeable battries and charger, lens hood, & a polarize filter. I will reuse my old trusty tripod which is 25+ years old if i can find it>

27 March 2008

Photo of a Dragon Fruit Orchard

Photo of a Dragon Fruit Orchard, Some where in Seberang Prai Selatan

23 March 2008

Day Old Baby Cats!

My working place resident Cat, the one we all call the "Resident Manager" have given birth to 5 baby cats, of all place, in a giant vase. Here a Picture of them, so small and cute!
I am surprise by the clarity of the picture, taken by my SE K750i, using the build in LED "Flash", and zoom in by enlarging and cropping the photo.

20 March 2008

Chicken Rice

A Popular food among malaysians, as most malaysians can eat chicken and rice is the staple diet. Now Fast Food Chains are trying to cash in on this trend. The Chicken Rice Shop (earlier post) d0es it quite well. So I was game for more Fast Food Chicken Rice when my wife said let try this one out.
This reputable Fast Food Chain have a few different sets, We took the 2 person set, and took our seat, Food was brought over within 10 min. So far so good. The Chicken (Roast), Rice, Chillies Sauce, Beansprouts, and Beancurd. All for below RM20/-.

Well all was good and delicious, but for me it was a let down due to the chicken. Its over cook, and dryish. Dont get me wrong, the chicken was serve warm and delicious, just that i feel that it's was way overcook. Not my day i think.

Careless Parking

When Parking, Please be Carefull, especially those of you who wind down the window on the Passanger side. I found this Kanchil Park in a basement of a Shopping Complex in Penang with the window half wound down. I told the guard to look into it, but i dont think he did any thing.

19 March 2008

The Ruckus have Started again.

I got a rude shock this morning when I when on line.
As per NST online,
Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, who was dropped from the Cabinet, has resigned his position as Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general.
Datuk Anifah Aman sprang a surprise tonight by turning down his appointment as Deputy Transport Minister.
Two deputy ministers -- Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Abu Bakar and Datuk Anifah Aman -- have thrown a tantrum and declined to take up their appointments, claiming they are "senior enough" to be made full ministers.
What Childish Behavior, Not Selected, resign party post , Selected but not given full post, decline, Hoi! Who do you think you are. That just shows, that the party they represent is full of Childish Persons! What important is their own needs and whats, Not the Country and Rakyat. It the PM prerogative to select you for which ever position. Appointment to Cabinet to be a Minister or a Deputy Minister is not a Reward, it is National Service of the Highest Order!
PM, just chuck them out will you, re select those who really what to work!
And further to that
Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who was dropped from the cabinet yesterday, found herself "back" in the administration hours later. As advisor!
That nice, I understand that it has all the perks of a minister but none of the responsibility, I want that too.

17 March 2008

Election Photo, March 8th 2008

Was checking through my handphone camera memory, and i found these pictures taken on the election day.
Dap Flying High! Polling Station, Batu Ferrighi, Penang
Polling Station, Sek Tg Bungah, Penang

16 March 2008

Jalan Delima Makan

I have not have dinner in this area (Jalan Delima, Island Glade) for a long time, to be accurate before I started blogging, and surprise surprise, the place where i had tim sum with my cousin is no longer there (not that i wanted a bite there) In fact before I took my cousin there, it was even a longer time, 15 + years.

The Old Coffee Shop (Near the 4 D shop)

This area use to be a favourite of my family, long a go. Why did we not come back here? Traffic and timming i guess. Getting there is a hassle from Ayer Itam and Tg Bungah and cannot find proper car park, but its sure convenient if you are comming in from the Main land.

. .

. Any way there is a new coffee shop, in this block of Shops, Everthing looks new, I did not get the name by the way, but in general the food here is good. (By the way, I came here on the Night of 7th of March 2008. Just pre elections)

View of the New Coffee Shop

Interior View

This is what Penang lang call Laksa, Thick Round Rice Noodles in a Sourish (Asam) base fish soup with Prawn Paste. The Best I tasted for a long time. Yum!

Chee Chong Fun, Rice Roll, with Prawn / Shrimp Paste and Chillie, No Tee Chong Please, (Sweet Sauce) Yum! Again Nice and Thick Sauce, Best I tasted in a long time.

Tim Sum, Lots of Selection and its good.

Roast Duck Rice, Urg! One of the worst i ever tasted, I thought it good with around 20 ducks hanging, but it tasted like cardboard, overcook, dry, and Pricy

Hokkian Mee, Good. Please Note: Penangnite terms of food is different from other states, to them this is Prawn Mee.

I was sitting next to a Claypot Rice Stall, View of entrance.

The Decoration in a Coffee Shop, Wodden Spoons and Fork.

Well worth a vist for those who is looking of Penang food all in one place, Lots of Verity, Real Street Food, Just Horrible Parking!. For those of you comming in from Mainland, turn of the Highway just after Tesco, turn left at the frist traffic light, and turn left again. You will see a block of shop house, That the place

15 March 2008

Back to Swee Garden, Nibong Tebal

Back to Food.
Sis in Law and Gang wanted to visit the Taiping Zoo, along with my wife and kids, I said go, I am working any way, but what for dinner? Oh we will call when we get back, and lets eat out was the answer. Ok I said let try Cheng Kee. Unfortunately it started to rain just before we left, and with Cheng Kee, Most of the table are outside, so it is back to Swee Garden.
All the Food on the Table. Lotus Root, Peanut With Pork Steam Soup (Good), what left of it.
Pai Kut Ong (Ok), Chinese Style Pork Chops Lala, Steam, (Good) Number 2 wack half of it on her own even with the chillies. Number 2 is only 3 years old. Steam White Pomfret, Teo chew Style, (Good)


Boil Octopus with the Chile Sauce

Verdict: Let say i prefer the Pork Legs, Total Damage: RM100 inclusive of Drinks