24 December 2008

Changing My Phone Carrier! From Maxis to Digi

I had use Digi Prepaid for may years (5 years or more ), then i change to Digi Post paid due to my increase bills, and the offer they made, New Hand Phone Free in return for a 2 year contract, 15 cent a min per call anywhere in malaysia, monthly fees of RM30. When after the contract finish, I move to a new job in the outskirts of Penang,. . . Bad / No Signal when i am in the building, When I want to make call, I have to move to certain areas to get signal. And the best is, I am the only guy using Digi in my Work Place. ;-) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . So I change to Maxis for better coverage, 2 year contract with a rebate, of RM20 per month for a Year, and another RM10 a month for another year, With Month Charges at RM30 and RM0.30 per min, initially the Sales man said it was RM0.15, but after is sign up it was RM0.30, i said never mind lah, what i wanted was the coverage. I also got my wife a supplementary line at RM10 per month. . . . . . . . . . . . Coverage was better, but there are still spots where i cannot get any coverage at all. Now it is after 2 years, and with the number potibility thingi comming in, i am thinking of changing back to Digi, Coverage have improve, though most staff here still use Maxis or Celcom, Some are thinking of going U Mobile, for the free calls. . . . . The Post Paid Easy Plan, The lowest, It now RM20 per month, and RM0.20 per min, No rebate, No Free Phone etc but seem to have a bonus if you spend a certain amount you will get a rebate, So I am thinking of setting it up together with my new phone, new carrier! Lower Monthly Charges, and even Lower Call Charges. Why not, I should be able to save say about RM20 a month or thereabouts. . . . . Have ask the Local Phone Shop guy to set it up! .. . . .. . and i am having problem controlling this blog!!!!!

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