17 June 2007

Taiping International Lantern Festival. Arrival

The Taiping International Lantern Festival, started around 2 and a half months ago (April 2007) and is suppose to last for 3 months. We drop by during the last school holidays as a birthday gift for my eldest. Located at Simpang, Taiping, in a plot of unused land, we arrive just 5 min to 7pm, We were charge for adults RM15, and RM 8 for child, As such for entrance cost me RM38. Friendly Cashier made a initial good impression, we were inform that the lights will be on at 7pm, Ok fair, We when in, and i will let the photos do the talking. Not very impressive initially. Walking around, there were 4 stalls, 2 close 2 open, one selling drinks, the other candle making. No Food stalls, we stood around waiting for the lights to come on. We waited till 7.45pm before the lights were finally switch on. Photo taken and we did not wait for a Children Kungfu show. We left for dinner. A Pity. Stagnant water at locations, No items to buy, no food ....

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