30 May 2007

Western Food in the Country Side

Finding a Place for Western Food in The Country Side away from the Main Urban Areas is difficult. Of course you can find the Ramli Burger Stall, and the KFC Shops which you will find all over malaysia. Well one night my wife decided not to cook and my daughter wanted Mushroom Soup (as usual, her second favourite food after slice process cheese). In Sebernag Prai Selatan there is this shop that sell Western Food as well as Korean Steam Boat.
Name of Restaurant : Westown Corner
Location: Main Trunk Road from Bukit Mertajam down to Nibong Tebal. After the Val D'or flyover at the 2nd Traffic light turn left, It's the corner shop
Type of Food : Western Food and Korean BBQ
Category: Air Con / Non Air Con / Alfresco Cafe
Price : $$ Normal Western Food Pricing for a Cafe
Parking : Just park anywhere NO cops around
Time : Dinner
When we walk in I have to say my expectation are high, Very High, Nice set up, shiny tables and chairs just like what a normal cafe in the Urban areas would have, with 2 projection TV's and Magazines (all Mandarin) The Menu was interesting with a large selection, even with Cod Fish, foot long sausage, giant burger for 4 persons, nice selection of beverage and coffee. The Service Staff Speaks Mandarin and look inexperience running around, after all what can you expect out here i thought.
I decided to have the Cod Fish, My Wife the Tomato Soup with Seafood, and Fish and Chip, and my eldest wanted her usual Mushroom Soup and a banana split.
After the Order was taken, the disappointment started, No Cod Fish, Ok I said , Give me a Teriyaki Chicken and a Tiger.
The Tiger Came, with a rock glass, request for a chilled glass resulted in a "What the #^%^& you want look" I ask for Ice in a glass. Banana Split Arrive, as well as my wife drink. Then the Tomato Seafood Soup arrive. Looks Good with a Fried Mantau (Flower Bun) on the side, No Spoon, I must say the soup is OK with a verity of Seafood in it.
Next came my Teriyaki Chicken, with the french fries facing towards me, and no fork and knife, again chicken with out head running around before i got the knife and spoon, which actually came after the tomato and chillie sauce. Of course the Tiger keep me occupied.....
I turn my chicken around and look again, to me it look like Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. With no sign of Teriyaki Sauce.... Sigh...... I said to my self, just eat it who knows, nice & simple decoration.....
the fish and chips arrive, no surprise, just the usual chicken with out head for the fork and knife. In all fairness, the cashier is good, the waiters are new and need training(could be part time staff, (no supervisor) Where is the mushroom soup, after some running around chicken with out head style, finally came the mushroom soup, it seem it was not ordered.
The chili and tomato sauce needs improvement,
The Gents was interesting, very clean and smell nice, look at the basket place in side.
I will give this place a A for Trying very hard, it look nice just like or even better then the cafe in Urban KL, but overall i feel that this place fall below expectation in the delivery.

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