1 May 2008

Pasar Malam - Nibong Tebal

Pasar Malam = Open Air Super Market, with many vendors.
Location, from north (trunk road), before you enter town, turn right, go straight.
from south (trunk road), when you turn right just before the flyover, immediately turn right, then left. Landmark = Nibong Tebal concrete Boat.
Large Chinese base Pasar Malam, 500 meter Plus in front of blocks of shops.
I will let my snapshots do most of the talking.

Need replacement Electronic parts

I don't need tables
Toys and Stuffs Traditional Medication can cure all Hmm, Silver and Gold Trinkets on wheels Traditional Munchies Here the Cloth Racks Steaming Hong Kong Chee Chong FunThe Finish Products Local Delite Chye Koey with Chives Buy Me, Buy Me, Slippers hanging in rows House Hold needs

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Nux V said...

interesting! so many items over there...