30 April 2008


The house I am renting now is having Termites! For the last 5 days i and my family have been sleeping with the fumes of the Termites Spray, as well as not having a ceiling in the bath room.

Replacement Wood being delivered

The saga started when our next door neighbour ceiling collapse, and my wife notice the termite pest control people came, and she started looking at the ceiling, She call our land lord which came by to collect the rent and told the landlord about it.

Results of Busy Termites having meals

Land lord said we know about it, and we said "please do some thing about it." Privately i told my wife, if nothing is done, we are moving. Result a man came and did some spraying and check the wood, and told my wife, do not park the car at the poach, it may drop down any time.
The Landlord was inform and work to replace the wooden beams started. We ask that person to take a look at other locations and that when the toilet ceiling was remove. Thank God after 5 days all the work is over, with all the daily cleaning but the termites are still around some where, our other next door neighbour is also doing some repair works.

The mess to be clean up

Quite a bit of the wooden beams was remove, and speaking to the repairman, he say this not the first time repair work have been done. In hind sight, i notice new houses being build in the area use aluminium beam, and the local neighbourhood store now say that no one want to buy these houses.
. Well Lucky I do not own the house, but i am worried of my furniture which are mainly wooden or chip board, i will have to do some treatment on my own.

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