2 October 2007

Mizi Bistro @ New World Park, Penang

EXCELLENT FOOD, AFFORDABLE PRICE, GOOD SERVICE this should be Mizi Bistro tag line.
Mizi Bistro Front entrance
As mention in a previous post, Mizi Bistro was the busiest during my night walk around. and the busiest during this afternoon.
This fine afternoon, on instructions from a friend, i stop by at New World Park for lunch at 2pm, This friend wanted to meet the owner of the Mizi, and also wanted to talk to me, so that the best place to wait as well as to have lunch.
The Bread Basket
Owned and Operated by a Former 5 Star Hotelier, Mizi Bistro is a charming place, very affordable pricing and offers close to Fine Dinning food, with adequate service especially for a place just open. RM16.90 ++ for set lunch, a drink, a soup, a main dish and unlimited Ice Cream.
Green Pea Soup
I had the green pea soup, well all i should say is that there is no canned soup available here so those who like Campbell Soup, etc should stay far away. Thick, Fresh. Mmmmmmm
Teriyaki Chicken, done to perfection, on a bed of vegetable and plain rice. nice succulent chicken.
My Friend had the Fish with Mustard Cream Sauce. Good size portion, I will not show the ice cream i pig out on. Mizi Bistro offer good value for money, just one thing, go early or late after 2.30pm or be prepared to wait. Tel 04-2272921 New World Park plans to open a Flea Market on Sat and Sundays it seem from 10am till 10pm this October. There are also plans for it to be a Wifi Zone.


MisaiMan said...

Why oh why did they resort to increasing the price from RM16.90 to RM19.90 for their set menu? Maybe they know that they are so high in demand - always crowded and reservation is needed during lunch and dinner time. An issue of demand versus supply? Whatever the reason... it won't come across well, especially for regulars or regulars-wannabes like me. And this is how they return the favour? Maybe we should suggest to them to bring their prices back down to the original RM16.90 rate. That is why they became so famous in the first place... cheap and good!

Snapshots said...

Misiaman, well they have increase their price huh,
1. i am not surprise as prices on everything have gone up.
2. As you say, its the demand
3. They have to make a profit for their shareholders right?

Even at RM19.90 it is still cheeper then most places, interms of value for money, however as you say regulars may feel pinch.

I well let the owner know on this as i do know him.