3 October 2007

Socially Inconsiderate Drivers

Drivers that are socially inconsiderate are found every where, in Cities, Big Towns and Small Towns. Carrying a Camera Phone, is certainly convenient to take snapshots of everything especially of things that i hate. Socially Inconsiderate Drivers (to be polite) are one of them.

Triple parking, at Penang GH, what happen if the vehicle in the center need to go? and there are parking space available, 200 meters away. That where i park.

What happen if the car belongs to a Dr, who must response to a emergency?

This is a wide car, a very wide car that need to be park on two parking bay. even a merc take up one car park space, but this car needs two. Well can we saman this guy?
This truck was unloading in this narrow street, grid lock for 5 min with traffic piling up on both ends. This is what traffic jams are course by. The best thing is that when the truck move, he stop at another shop to unload 50 meters further up, He was blasted by around 20 horns inclusive mine. Also, the local police station is in between this two shops.
I conclude that Police are not respected or feared here.

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