11 October 2007

More From Mizi Bistro @ New World Park, Penang

We return to Mizi for more of their good food, Again we had the setmeal, There were 3 of us this time and we had, Onion Soup, Mushroom Soup, and the Oxtail Soup, due to the low light the photo did not turn up well below are the main course we took. Sorry, we did not remember the actual name of the Dish, I will give you a rough description of the items.
Stuff Deep Fried Breaded Chicken, (There were crab stick and other items inside) serve with apricot sauce
Stuff Pasta roll, with chicken, spinach, and over bake with cheese, very good which i had, to me the portion was on the small side but then i am a big eater, but that left place for the ice cream

Vegetarian Spring Roll, Home made with premium vegetable, we recommend this dish highly, due to its originality and ingredients, and that is was oven bake as such non greesy

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