10 November 2008

Restaurants & Parking at AEON Seberang Prai

I like AEON Seberang Prai, (at Bandar Perda) because in bring to the Penang (Mainland) some of the frills of Penang Island Shopping and KL Type Restaurants. I was there last night, not too crowded, but not bad. There is good parking space with sheltered walk way and the access is nice.
It even have a lot of handicap parking, spots, however i notice some not too civil conscious drivers will park their car at this location, when i walk past there was this merc and kancil, and they don't even bother to park properly. In the Restaurant Corner you will get all the usual suspects such as KFC, Mac D, Nando, Kenny Rogers, Starbucks, some KL grown restaurants like Secret Recipe, Nandos, Laksa Shack, White Coffee, and some local grown restaurants . . . . What i notice is some of the restaurant are pack, Mac D, Pizza Hut, White Coffee,while some business are not so good, like secret recipe, nando, kenny rogers, Is this due to the Penang Price Factor, and perceive value for money? The Main thing however as a person in the Hospitality industry is that all the workers seem to be FOREIGNERS, even some restaurant all the SERVERS and the COOK are FOREIGNERS including the captain, supervisors, managers. . . . One Restaurant though, (a KL Chain, on the 1st Floor) seem to be making a effort in hiring locals, there was a small banner up, Manager 3K, Supervisor 2K, etc, To me Salary seem to be on the higher side of norm, but there seem to be no takers? What Up? Locals are shying away from working in Restaurants? etc.

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