13 November 2008

Red Garden, George Town, Upper Penang Road

Cross a Food Court and a Nite Market, you will get Red Garden. formerly a Pub, now this old mansion have been transform in to a food court, that concentrate on late nite crowd, as some of the stall were not even open or ready at 7pm. It have two entrance, One on Upper Penang Road, while the other is on the road behind, where New Cathay Hotel is.
I use the Penang Road Entrance which is inside a Car Park, Very Convenient, However the car park is pricy, RM2/- per hour.
Nice interesting Ceiling Decoration.
Oyster Omelette, Fairly good, Up to Standard.
Chicken Rice, Overall, Urg! No comment, however if you eat just the chicken it fairly well done. The Rice is some thing else though. Even My wife agreeed. Western Food, Better then average . . . . There also a few shops that is open just like a typical nite market. This place is a place where you have to go late, It cater to the tourist as well as the night drinking crowd, and there are singers around too.

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