23 November 2008

Birthday @ Corner Club

Happy Birthday Mom!
It was mom birthday, and we started looking for a wheel chair friendly restaurant to take her to. Having that in mind, I suggested Corner Club, as it was pretty wheelchair friendly and the food is good.
As it was quite some time we have been here last, I was surprise to see the ramps at the restaurant entrance have vanished. Still it is easy for my mon to step out of the car, and manage that one step up in to the restaurant.
That when we notice that the restaurant have undergone some extensive renovation, it bigger, brighter, neater, and that i begin to get worried on the food quality.
To cut the story short, the food quality remains, it's still as good as before, even with the new management, the renovation, all the usual menu items remain, and now you can even get tim sum at night here.
They dont bring the tim sum in carts any more, you order from a photo menu, and they steam them fresh and bring it out. I like that, many time i have to eat soggy tim sum due to oversteaming in the carts.
Price wise it remain the same. Any way we enjoy our lunch here! and will be back for more

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