26 August 2007

National Day Flag Flying

It the time of the year that all the ppl in the gomen will call us to fly the National Flag at our house, the newspapers will print the right way to fly our flag and all such stuffs.
Free Flags have been given out in the past, and now we are encourage to buy our own, hey it's cheaper then to get a pack of smokes.
Well with out any encouragement, my father have flown our national flag the Jalor Gemilang for the past 50 years. That right, from the first year of "merdeka" to now. (He is nearly 80 now) He purchase a National flag (tailor made in those days) in 1957, and it have been flying proudly every 31st August.
It was lonely those days, being the only flag in the area, but it slowly got less lonely, and it also stated to be flown for a month a few years back. Nowadays we get Flags every where this time of the year, including the following examples. Sign......... I do not think this is the right way for any flag to be treated.

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