26 August 2007

Gadgets and Such

For the past month or so when shopping i have been looking for some unusual items to highlight on this blog. Well 5 items struck my eye.
A Hot Air Cloths dryer, well for those in Malaysia who have problem drying cloth in our hot weather, or those whose appartment, condo or flat do not allow you to hand out your cloths to dry. this Cloths dryer will do the job. But may blow your budget on your monthly eletrical bill. Seen at Carrefor Prai.
a Juicer, cut the Lemon, Lime, Orange in Half, place the fruit, and lean on the leaver, do that a couple of time you will work up a thirst, remove cup and have a drink. For RM36.90 this human power machine may save enough eletricity to afford the Cloths Dryer up there. Also at Carrefor, Prai.
A Mosquitoes Cather, for sweet dreams uninterupted! well i wonder if it works, and what are the principles behind it. also at Carrefor Prai.
A Tool Clock, Just the right stuff for those who play around with a tool set, loose a tool, just head for your clock, the tool you need may just be there. Ecosave Parit Buntar.
A all in one Tea Maker Set, You have all the equiptment to make tea for 4, a water boiler, a tea pot and 4 cups. Have a cuppa. Ecosave Parit Buntar.
No payment have been receive to highlight the above products!
Gadget: Nice to have, but not really needed!

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