26 August 2007

Firefly - The Penang Airline 3

Well Firefly is spreading it wings with Brand new Orangy Office in Komtar, Penang Island and if i am not mistaken at Auto City, Juru, Prai, Penang Mainland.
For those of you oldtimers that know, what was the Old MAS office in Penang that was shut down years back, well it is now the Firefly office. Funny thing for a Penang community airline. the phone number is a Klang Valley number. at least Firefly is not operating the Rural Air Service, Mas Wings is doing that.
The Old MAS office is a excellent place for publicity i must say but the rent! unless it is own by Mas?
I have not try Firefly services yet. I don't fly around, If any one has just drop a comment or two about your flight.

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