23 March 2007


With me being an IT type person, and having gone through 2 Lap Tops and 3 Desk Top purchase with my own hard earn money, in 20 years, it was a matter to time for me to start Blogging.
Surfing through blog made me realize that I do not want to reveal all my aspect of my life to strangers, and surfing through Penangites Blog reveal all are talking on Food, made me want to do some thing different. Well this blog will be indeed talking on food (that being unescapeable being a penangite), what is different will be this blog is from the view point of a Penangite going through life with interest in Food, Tourism Industry and what is happening in Penang and Malaysia.
Advice by IT industry persons lead me to blogger, and starting it off was easy. However my 4 year old 3.1 mp camera, seem to be consuming 4AAA batteries every 2 useable snaps. So it was time to purchase a new camera. What brand and model will be my choice, within a Budget of RM500? Well, branded camera is price above RM700. Non Branded, well I better not try again, and having a separate device to bring around, well no, then what about a hybrid which can do a few things, half well.
Having been a gadget addict, I was always interested in Computer Games, Mp3/4 Player, Camera, Organizer and Handphone, But being a Makan Gaji (Salary) person with 2 young daughters, buying gadgets such as this is 1) unaffordable 2) simple way to start a argument at home with my wife.
But is it possible to have all of the above in one package and affordable, surfing the net lead to Motorola, Nokia, and Sony handphones. Motorola 3Vi look interesting and affordable, but remembering the difficulty of operating one before and that handphone hang on me in two months and flip phones (I am all thumbs), No, I will not want to experience that one again. Nokia, solid products, good operating system but the Price factor Kick in, Suitable Models are all above RM900+. In my experience Sony, have good reputation for good products especially for camera and music player , and I have not use a Sony phone before.
Talking to a colleague lead me to Sony K750i, a model that came out in Y2005, ie having being around for 2 years, 2mp still camera, can record video, play MP3, have FM Radio, Play some Games (java), and have some simple organizer function, with expendable memory up to 2MB, 9 hrs talk time or 400hrs standby, with bluetooth, all For RM6XX, seem to outweigh it’s disadvantage which is it require a Special Charger and a Special Memory Card. By using this Blog as an excuse, it will be possible to purchase this phone with out stirring the bee hive to much.
I am now waiting for this Handphone, to be delivered, hopefully it will work out. In the future the Hand Phone Story & Experience and more candid photos will appear in this blog soon. Hopefully this hand phone will last me till the wimax come on line where I am staying.

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