29 March 2007

Pulau Tikus Market “Wai Sik Kai” type Food Court

Pulau Tikus Market “Wai Sik Kai” type Food Court
Wai Sik Kai is Chinese for Food Street, at Pulau Tikus, Penang at the Pulau Tikus Market there is a Food Street of various old style Street Food. It operates only at night from 6pm onwards to around 11 or thereabouts, and offers a wide verity of street food from carts. It was transferred, to this location around 15 years back. In general all the food here is in the OK category.
Why do I call it Wai Sik Kai type of Food Court. It is basically located on a tar road, and the adjacent pavement, with various food carts including Coffee Stalls and various food. It offer alfresco seating, with mainly old style aluminum tables and chairs with some canopy’s and umbrellas for shelter when it rains.
Photo Taken: Early Evening, around 6.30pm
Location: From George Town, along Burma road after passing the Pulau Tikus, Turn Left at the traffic light, and turn left at the next junction. Map Below
Location Map, Click on Map for bigger Image
What good here: Most of the Food here is good. As at 2007, what excellent here are the Koey Teow Th’ng, and Char Koey Teow, which are operated in different stalls. The Koey Teow Th’ng, is basically Flat Rice Noodles, serve in a soup, with various garnish added. What special here is the taste of the soup, and its garnish of boil duck meat, pork spare parts (the intestine, the blood pudding, the heart), pork fat crutons and special fish ball which is “crunchy.” This stall is considered on of the top Koey Teow Th’ng in Penang by Rasa Rasa Penang Food Book, and make sure you find the right stall, There are many competitors around, Look for the Rasa Rasa Penang, sign which is place at this stall. Price from RM2.50 per bowl
Koey Teow Th'ng

Penang Style Curry Mee / KL Curry Laksa
The Char Koey Teow Feller is from a family of Char Koey Teow Sellers from way back 25+ years. Our Family use to patronize this stall from way back then. What special here is squid is added in the dish. Expect a long wait, min 20 mins, From RM3.00 per bowl

Char Koey Teow Stall

Koey Teow Th'ng Stall

Other notable items at the area: Satay, Lok Lok The Satay is special because it is produce by a Chinese man and offers Pork Satay, and Pork Intestine Satay among others. When ordering Chicken Satay you will get the usual sauce. When ordering Pork Satay you will get a special satay sauce which is Chinese base, less spice, but taste about the same but starch.

Pork Intestine Satay & Chicken Satay with the Usual gravy.

Lok Lok, is basically steamboat, except that the food is on skewers, there is a pot in the center of the table (there are specific tables for this), you cook the raw food by plunging the skewers in to the hot water in the pot, and dipping it into your own sauce. Note: of late there seem to be lesser and lesser hawkers offering this dish try it while you can.

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