28 March 2007

Snapshots with the K750i

Snapshots with the K750i As i will be using the camera phone K750i, for Snap Photos for this Blog, I decided to take photos without adjusting the camera settings, or by using the flash to see the camera capability. This the results
Close Up shot, in a building, with Natural Lighting, camera about 3 ft away, RESULT: Clear and In Focus Photo.
Outdoor Shot, in Bright Sunlight, RESULT: In Focus, Clear

Night Shot 1, RESULT: In Focus, Quite Sharp, Grainy

Night Shot 2, RESULT, In Focus, Grainy, Lights, over expose
Shot "IN TO THE SUN" It was a Hazy day, RESULT: Not too good, Under Expose, no details
Shot taken from Moving Car, RESULT, In Focus

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