27 March 2007

K750i Macro Mode

K750i Macro Mode
The camera in the K750i in the macro mode is quite good. See attach Picture. This photo was taken at night, with the aid of a Florescent Light, with the camera not more then 3in away from the watch. The camera was set on fine at 2Mp size. This watch fill the entire frame, and the focus is very sharp, in my opinion in consideration of the distance it was taken. Bad point is that the photo seems to be a bit grainy when view on the computer.
This is one of the K750i strong points and make this a well worth purchase. The watch in the picture is a BREITING 1884 Navitimer WATCH, Digital Analog Model, which I purchase off
, Malaysia answer to E-Bay. I must say that this handsome watch is another well worth purchase, especially after a malfunction digital analog casio from a “friendly white ghost” and an “OK” Lady Polo watch for my wife.
Purchasing Items through the net carries it own risk especially with the many items available, Buying from reputable sellers is an answer, but some time one have to take risk. However it is the only way to obtain bargains. It will be interesting to obtain bargains for a Bluetooth Headset, a 2G Memory card for the K750i.

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