29 March 2007

K750i Zoom Mode

K750i Zoom Mode Today I tried out the K750i, Zoom Mode. For your information, the camera zoom do not work when set at the maximum setting of 1632 x 1224. It give a maximum of 2.5 zoom when set to the middle setting of 640 x 480 and the maximum of 4 zoom at the lowest setting of 160 x 120.

Photo at setting 1632 X 1224, No Zoom

Photo at setting 640 X 480, Zoom x 2.5

Photo at setting 160 x 120, Zoom x 4

Comments: When view on the computer (not on the blog), At the 640 X 480 setting, there is a noticeable difference in the size of the building, though the sharpness is loss, as it is digital zoom. However the 160 x 120 setting photo, the building look the same size, however the sharpness is about the same. On the Blog, with auto reduce size photo, there is a difference.

Verdict: Zoom Photo is hopeless, as you cannot zoom at maximum setting, and not much difference in the zoom in my opinion in a small picture, however I will not be using this function (much) as I am going for snaps, or candid shot, where I will not have time to set the camera. Having a worth while zoom would be nice for those shot where I have plenty of time.
Next will try out the “Light”, & the Night Mode, & the manual adjustment for Night Photography.

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YoH said...

Well for your informatioin the zoom works that way only if the hone is branded..i had a k750i(and now my friend has one)and they bought have 4x zoom on the highest quality...so dont tell ppl that the phone is a piece of crap only cuz u dont have the original...sheesh!>.>