25 March 2007

Sony Ericsson K750i Frist Impression

Sony Ericsson K750i First Impression
The Sony Ericsson K750i has arrive, delivered by the friendly neighborhood handphone dealer, who waited long enough for me to transfer my sim card over for my old nokia. Having been use to Nokia for years (5 Nokia handphone including, N2100 & N3120) , the K750i interface feel funny. But having formerly use a Motorola, and a Siemen, I am sure I will be able to puzzle it out soon. As it is an “Old” Model, I believe that most of it major bug should have been work out, and being a “Smart” phone, there is a large number of software, games, application, groups on the web.
First Impression, A dull Black , slightly wider then the N3120 but it feel a lot wider, and have about the same thickness and height, weight seem to be about the same. Screen is larger. When inserting the chip in, there was a short set up wizard guide to set up the phone. The Phone came with a 64KB memory card, Charger, Manuals, CD, Ear phone, USB transfer cable. I will have quite a bit of homework to do trying to figure how the phone works tonite, especially on the camera.

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