31 March 2007

Swatow Lane, New World Park, Food Court Location Map

For those not familiar with the New World Park Location, Here is a mini map to make thing easier for you.

There is a earlier post on New World Park, Click on Lable "New World Park" to see that posting

Click on the Map for a bigger Image

29 March 2007

Pulau Tikus Market “Wai Sik Kai” type Food Court

Pulau Tikus Market “Wai Sik Kai” type Food Court
Wai Sik Kai is Chinese for Food Street, at Pulau Tikus, Penang at the Pulau Tikus Market there is a Food Street of various old style Street Food. It operates only at night from 6pm onwards to around 11 or thereabouts, and offers a wide verity of street food from carts. It was transferred, to this location around 15 years back. In general all the food here is in the OK category.
Why do I call it Wai Sik Kai type of Food Court. It is basically located on a tar road, and the adjacent pavement, with various food carts including Coffee Stalls and various food. It offer alfresco seating, with mainly old style aluminum tables and chairs with some canopy’s and umbrellas for shelter when it rains.
Photo Taken: Early Evening, around 6.30pm
Location: From George Town, along Burma road after passing the Pulau Tikus, Turn Left at the traffic light, and turn left at the next junction. Map Below
Location Map, Click on Map for bigger Image
What good here: Most of the Food here is good. As at 2007, what excellent here are the Koey Teow Th’ng, and Char Koey Teow, which are operated in different stalls. The Koey Teow Th’ng, is basically Flat Rice Noodles, serve in a soup, with various garnish added. What special here is the taste of the soup, and its garnish of boil duck meat, pork spare parts (the intestine, the blood pudding, the heart), pork fat crutons and special fish ball which is “crunchy.” This stall is considered on of the top Koey Teow Th’ng in Penang by Rasa Rasa Penang Food Book, and make sure you find the right stall, There are many competitors around, Look for the Rasa Rasa Penang, sign which is place at this stall. Price from RM2.50 per bowl
Koey Teow Th'ng

Penang Style Curry Mee / KL Curry Laksa
The Char Koey Teow Feller is from a family of Char Koey Teow Sellers from way back 25+ years. Our Family use to patronize this stall from way back then. What special here is squid is added in the dish. Expect a long wait, min 20 mins, From RM3.00 per bowl

Char Koey Teow Stall

Koey Teow Th'ng Stall

Other notable items at the area: Satay, Lok Lok The Satay is special because it is produce by a Chinese man and offers Pork Satay, and Pork Intestine Satay among others. When ordering Chicken Satay you will get the usual sauce. When ordering Pork Satay you will get a special satay sauce which is Chinese base, less spice, but taste about the same but starch.

Pork Intestine Satay & Chicken Satay with the Usual gravy.

Lok Lok, is basically steamboat, except that the food is on skewers, there is a pot in the center of the table (there are specific tables for this), you cook the raw food by plunging the skewers in to the hot water in the pot, and dipping it into your own sauce. Note: of late there seem to be lesser and lesser hawkers offering this dish try it while you can.

Tanjung Bungah Mee Mamak

Tanjung Bungah Mee Mamak
Mee Mamak, Goreng or Rebus, is basically Indian Style Noodles, Fried or Boil and serve with a sauce. This dish I believe was created in Malaysia. And is serve with cucur, yellow bean curd, boil potato, and in some case dice mutton or brown cutter fish is added (Expect to pay more.

Photo of the Fried Mee Mamak serve with Kuah (Gravy) added
Location Tanjung Bungah Village. Corner Coffee Shop (No Name) Lunch time only. From RM3.00 per service Dark Blue Dot on the Food Map of Tanjung Bungah The Mee Mamak serve here in my opinion is good, and is of the common verity. You can smell the aroma when you walk into the shop.
Photo of the Shop, Corner Unit without name!
Photo of the Stall

K750i Zoom Mode

K750i Zoom Mode Today I tried out the K750i, Zoom Mode. For your information, the camera zoom do not work when set at the maximum setting of 1632 x 1224. It give a maximum of 2.5 zoom when set to the middle setting of 640 x 480 and the maximum of 4 zoom at the lowest setting of 160 x 120.

Photo at setting 1632 X 1224, No Zoom

Photo at setting 640 X 480, Zoom x 2.5

Photo at setting 160 x 120, Zoom x 4

Comments: When view on the computer (not on the blog), At the 640 X 480 setting, there is a noticeable difference in the size of the building, though the sharpness is loss, as it is digital zoom. However the 160 x 120 setting photo, the building look the same size, however the sharpness is about the same. On the Blog, with auto reduce size photo, there is a difference.

Verdict: Zoom Photo is hopeless, as you cannot zoom at maximum setting, and not much difference in the zoom in my opinion in a small picture, however I will not be using this function (much) as I am going for snaps, or candid shot, where I will not have time to set the camera. Having a worth while zoom would be nice for those shot where I have plenty of time.
Next will try out the “Light”, & the Night Mode, & the manual adjustment for Night Photography.

Jalan Sungai Kelian, Char Koey Teow

Jalan Sungai Kelian, Char Koey Teow. Photo of Char Koey Teow. Enjoy Refer to Blog posting http://malaysiansnapshots.blogspot.com/2007/03/penang-char-koey-teow.html and for location http://malaysiansnapshots.blogspot.com/2007/03/food-map-tanjung-bungah-penang.html

28 March 2007

Snapshots with the K750i

Snapshots with the K750i As i will be using the camera phone K750i, for Snap Photos for this Blog, I decided to take photos without adjusting the camera settings, or by using the flash to see the camera capability. This the results
Close Up shot, in a building, with Natural Lighting, camera about 3 ft away, RESULT: Clear and In Focus Photo.
Outdoor Shot, in Bright Sunlight, RESULT: In Focus, Clear

Night Shot 1, RESULT: In Focus, Quite Sharp, Grainy

Night Shot 2, RESULT, In Focus, Grainy, Lights, over expose
Shot "IN TO THE SUN" It was a Hazy day, RESULT: Not too good, Under Expose, no details
Shot taken from Moving Car, RESULT, In Focus

27 March 2007

K750i Macro Mode

K750i Macro Mode
The camera in the K750i in the macro mode is quite good. See attach Picture. This photo was taken at night, with the aid of a Florescent Light, with the camera not more then 3in away from the watch. The camera was set on fine at 2Mp size. This watch fill the entire frame, and the focus is very sharp, in my opinion in consideration of the distance it was taken. Bad point is that the photo seems to be a bit grainy when view on the computer.
This is one of the K750i strong points and make this a well worth purchase. The watch in the picture is a BREITING 1884 Navitimer WATCH, Digital Analog Model, which I purchase off
, Malaysia answer to E-Bay. I must say that this handsome watch is another well worth purchase, especially after a malfunction digital analog casio from a “friendly white ghost” and an “OK” Lady Polo watch for my wife.
Purchasing Items through the net carries it own risk especially with the many items available, Buying from reputable sellers is an answer, but some time one have to take risk. However it is the only way to obtain bargains. It will be interesting to obtain bargains for a Bluetooth Headset, a 2G Memory card for the K750i.

26 March 2007

Living with the new Sony K750i, 1st day

Living with the new Sony K750i, 1st day

After studying the Manual for about 2 hours, while setting up the phone. It was easier then expected, however the interface is not as intuitive as a Nokia. Strangely there were a number of Icons that appear on top, the E Mail Icon, Voice Message and two other icon that is not on the manual. I manage to get rid of the E Mail Icon, (keep on coming back) but the other 3 icons cannot be remove, even assisted by the friendly handphone man who promise to look into it, but say it could be sim card related. (Another Sim card was tried out and the icons was not there)
Camera, interface is intuitive to me, what good is you switch on the camera by moving the camera lens cover, you can start snapping away. The setting is quite straight forward, with the 64MB memory card having the capacity of 150+ snaps (when empty) at 2Mb at fine resolution. However in the settings, there is a Panorama mode that I am not sure how to work it out, nor is it in the manual. Took a few trail snaps, and one shot was just two inch from a watch result with good result. The 4 x digital zoom only works on low frame size, not on the 2 MB photo size.
Radio, works, interface straight forward, no hassles here, just plug in the earphone provided, and search, however I don’t fancy having to carry the earphone around to listen to the radio.
File Management, Setting up the Laptop to communicate with the phone is straight forward but took a long time to load the software, however when loading MP3 into the memory card, I could not play it on the Media Player. After trying this and that we finally found out that the Memory Card could not be detected by the phone. Problem solve by rubbing the Memory Card contact points. Photo taken was transfer over with out any problems by linking via the USB and drag and drop method in to the computer memory.
Normal Use, using the phone for calls, message, was normal, what I miss is the Nokia multiple fields for calls made where I could track when and how many call I made to a resent call.
Organizer, The organizer part is simple, but straight forward, with Calendar, Task & Notes.
Good : Fairly Intuitive Interface in most part.
Bad : Manual does not cover all aspects. Detail explanation not there.
Verdict: A step up then the Nokia 3120.

25 March 2007

Food Map, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Food Map of Tanjung Bungah
For the convenience of those not familiar of Tanjung Bungah, I have created a Food Map of the area. Those comming to Penang, especially those staying at the Batu Ferringi, Tg Bungah, Tg Tokong Hotel Belt can now savour what locals savour without travelling a distance. Have Fun enjoying the food.
Click on the Picture for a larger Map

Sony Ericsson K750i Frist Impression

Sony Ericsson K750i First Impression
The Sony Ericsson K750i has arrive, delivered by the friendly neighborhood handphone dealer, who waited long enough for me to transfer my sim card over for my old nokia. Having been use to Nokia for years (5 Nokia handphone including, N2100 & N3120) , the K750i interface feel funny. But having formerly use a Motorola, and a Siemen, I am sure I will be able to puzzle it out soon. As it is an “Old” Model, I believe that most of it major bug should have been work out, and being a “Smart” phone, there is a large number of software, games, application, groups on the web.
First Impression, A dull Black , slightly wider then the N3120 but it feel a lot wider, and have about the same thickness and height, weight seem to be about the same. Screen is larger. When inserting the chip in, there was a short set up wizard guide to set up the phone. The Phone came with a 64KB memory card, Charger, Manuals, CD, Ear phone, USB transfer cable. I will have quite a bit of homework to do trying to figure how the phone works tonite, especially on the camera.

23 March 2007


With me being an IT type person, and having gone through 2 Lap Tops and 3 Desk Top purchase with my own hard earn money, in 20 years, it was a matter to time for me to start Blogging.
Surfing through blog made me realize that I do not want to reveal all my aspect of my life to strangers, and surfing through Penangites Blog reveal all are talking on Food, made me want to do some thing different. Well this blog will be indeed talking on food (that being unescapeable being a penangite), what is different will be this blog is from the view point of a Penangite going through life with interest in Food, Tourism Industry and what is happening in Penang and Malaysia.
Advice by IT industry persons lead me to blogger, and starting it off was easy. However my 4 year old 3.1 mp camera, seem to be consuming 4AAA batteries every 2 useable snaps. So it was time to purchase a new camera. What brand and model will be my choice, within a Budget of RM500? Well, branded camera is price above RM700. Non Branded, well I better not try again, and having a separate device to bring around, well no, then what about a hybrid which can do a few things, half well.
Having been a gadget addict, I was always interested in Computer Games, Mp3/4 Player, Camera, Organizer and Handphone, But being a Makan Gaji (Salary) person with 2 young daughters, buying gadgets such as this is 1) unaffordable 2) simple way to start a argument at home with my wife.
But is it possible to have all of the above in one package and affordable, surfing the net lead to Motorola, Nokia, and Sony handphones. Motorola 3Vi look interesting and affordable, but remembering the difficulty of operating one before and that handphone hang on me in two months and flip phones (I am all thumbs), No, I will not want to experience that one again. Nokia, solid products, good operating system but the Price factor Kick in, Suitable Models are all above RM900+. In my experience Sony, have good reputation for good products especially for camera and music player , and I have not use a Sony phone before.
Talking to a colleague lead me to Sony K750i, a model that came out in Y2005, ie having being around for 2 years, 2mp still camera, can record video, play MP3, have FM Radio, Play some Games (java), and have some simple organizer function, with expendable memory up to 2MB, 9 hrs talk time or 400hrs standby, with bluetooth, all For RM6XX, seem to outweigh it’s disadvantage which is it require a Special Charger and a Special Memory Card. By using this Blog as an excuse, it will be possible to purchase this phone with out stirring the bee hive to much.
I am now waiting for this Handphone, to be delivered, hopefully it will work out. In the future the Hand Phone Story & Experience and more candid photos will appear in this blog soon. Hopefully this hand phone will last me till the wimax come on line where I am staying.

22 March 2007

Penang Char Koey Teow

Penang Char Koey Teow
A Penangite favorite, Char Koey Teow is available from the humble street hawker to the 5 Star Hotels in Penang, and it have been exported all over the world. This is one of the key dishes that identify Penang Street Food and you will find it in almost every coffeeshop.
What Char Koey Teow? Basically it Rice flat noodles fried with Chillie Paste, Soya Sauce with cockles, prawns, beansprouts, and ku chai, with or without an Egg in it. Various Stalls will have their own individual ingredients, and presentation. It is fried over a Charcoal fire, Wooden Fire or Gas Fire.
For more details,
www.waisikkai.com (written by a penangite residing in KL) have a pretty good details on this dish, and where to find it in the Klang Valley, further this site clarifies on the what makes a good Char Koey Teow, such as banana leaf lining for the plate, pork fat crotons……
One of my regular spots for Char Koey Teow, is in Tanjong Bungah at pretty affordable pricing operates at Jalan Sungai Kelian in the afternoon’s, this stall is convenient for those staying at the Penang Beach Hotel Belt.
Jalan Sungai Kelian, Street Hawker. Rating 90%
What Special Here?
Fried over Charcoal Fire Alfresco Sitting
Park Halfway down Jalan Sungai Kelian, in a Hawker Cart, that offer Char Koey Teow and Koey Teow Th’ng. This cart have been operating from this spot for the past 15 years +, and offer a special home delivery to the Hillside / Concord area. Just call the Handphone number provided, will get you the Char Koey Teow delivered at no extra charge. Much Better then other Fast Food that Delivers.
Next to this stall is a Coffeeshop, recently open, for those who wish to eat their Char Koey Teow in Fan Comfort, My self, I enjoy it alfresco at the tables and chairs provided enjoying the breeze and shaded by the surrounding trees. Per Portion starts from RM3.00.
It’s version of Char Koey Teow, is fried over Charcoal fire, and includes Pork Fat Crotons, Slice Red Chinese Sausage, which I rate in the top 90%.
Location: Jalan Sungai Kelian, On the way to Tanjong Bungah From Town, Turn left immediately at the Tanjong Club at the traffic lights, Turn Left, Turn Right, Straight down Jalan Sungai Kelian. It’s on your left. On the way to George Town, Turn right after Tanjung Club, follow the same instructions Note: Late Lunch / Tea Time only, Wed or Thu (Not too sure).

21 March 2007

What is Street Food to a Penangite?

What is Street Food to a Penangite?
Well to me, it must be affordable, and without airs. With “New” Hawkers having entered Penang Street Food scene bring along with them exotic and jazz up cuisines from Hotels, (Well most of these hawkers were formally cooks working in the hotels) it is a pleasure to have the New World Park Food Court offering True Street Food.
Not only are the food good and affordable and down-to-earth, you get to enjoy the food in a clean environment. (Well not as clean as a hotel but much much cleaner then the usual coffeeshop) The cleanliness, the good food, affordable pricing, and not having to line up to purchase food coupons, will ensure that Penangite, Local and Foreign Tourist will come in doves of Tours Bus to enjoy the food here. In fact on a Tuesday the Food Court is near full, but still with tables and chairs available.You may not get every verity of Penang Street Food here, what you get is a pretty good representation, with most favorite’s items (to a penangite) available.
What surprising with this Food Court is the car park security guard are duty conscious gives good direction, and are extremely helpful with the car parking. The Car Park it self is well laid out. The Food Court is also wheel chair friendly, with out any steps. Tables and Chairs are normal coffeeshop like tables, not those like those you find fast food joints, with the table and chairs fix to the floor.
Origin of Hawkers at New World Park Food Court?
Just a couple of Months Back in 2006, Majority of New World Park Food Court Hawkers, were Actual Street Food Hawkers at Swatow Lane operating from carts, Next to a Coffeeshop and were there from years back, This Food Street is well know to true blue penangnites as well as foodies was a bit hidden from the main road. With the Redevelopement of New World Park, those hawkers along the road side were place in this Enormous Food Court (140+ tables) right next to where they were and were given a big boost in publicity. Those Hawkers that were operating from inside the Coffee Shop remain where they were.
This changes results in you having to make a decision, Eat at the Original Coffee Shop, or Eat at the New Food Court. It all depends on what you want to eat, and how you want to eat it, or what time you want to eat it…..
Pro for the Food Court Security Guard / Car Park Attended, Wheel Chair Friendly, More Verity with 26 stalls, Big Car Park (for now), Airy & Breezy, Widely space tables, Clean Place, Clean Toilet, Open from 10am to 10pm.

Pro for the Coffee Shop Air Con Section – (Hidden at the back),

Majestic Rojak Stall,

Original Ice Kacang with durian ice cream

What Good Where? It all depends on your taste buds! What you like? The saving grace is in Penang, 80% of the Food can be rated Good to Excellent. Either Place should satisfy you. But in case some one was raving about a particular dish at Swatow lane, and when you try it out, it’s just ok, try the other location…
One of the Example are the Majestic Rojak at the Original Coffee Shop, While being a quite resent addition, (less then 10 years if I am not mistaken) This must be one of the best Rojak in Penang. A Humble serving of this, topped (NOT MIXED) with it’s secret recipe of Prawn Extract, Chilies, Peanuts and who know what, will cost you almost double then a Plate of Chicken Rice. Not exactly affordable, but it’s worth it, especially those from out of town. While the Secret Sauce is available for you to purchase to take home, it just not the same having it right at the coffee shop. Some thing is just missing.
Rojak: Usually A mix of rough cut Fruit Salad (Crunchy & Raw), usually of Mangoes, Cucumber, Turnips, Pineapple, plus other fruits, with some cripes, slices of brown squid, usually mixed with Prawns Paste, Sweet Sauce, with lashing of Chilies Powder, Powdered Belachan (Dried Prawn Extract), Sesame Seed, Pounded Peanuts. Exact ingredients will differ stall to stall. Cost Per portion, anywhere between RM 3/- to RM6/-.
New World Park, Food Court.
Location : Beside Swatow Lane, Burma Road, Getting There : Burma Road from Komtar, Drive Past Prime Plaza (To be Tune Hotel, Penang in the Future) and turn left in to the New World Car Park, To get to the coffee Shop, turn left after the pedestrian traffic light at a row of shop house into Swatow Lane, Original Coffee Shop is on the left.
Operation Hours : 10am to 10pm daily,