12 April 2008

Ching Ming 2008 Part 1

Offerings for my Pertenal Grand Parents

at the Po Tay Temple

Last week on Sunday, It's was off to the various places for the family annual ching ming do. First we were at the Beow Hiang Lim Temple in Ayer Itam and then to the Christian Cemetery at Western Road and then Lastly to the Po Tay Temple at Bagan Jamal.
For the Story and last year visit go here.

Fruits Stall

This year we actually when for cheng ming 2 days after the actual day. but being sunday the crowd were still around. We manage to do the shopping earlier, for fruits, and the joss items leaving just the food stuffs and flowers for the last moment.

This resulted in a pretty full car boot, after a container of water and the vegetarian food stuffs. At the 2 chinese temples we provided prayers and offerings.

Burning Paper "Money", "Cloths" and " shoes"

Prayer table at the Beow Hiang Lim Temple.

It's getting harder to go for Ching Ming, 3 Kids to handle and 2 of them are young ones, but we still have to do it. Big Brother took us to Corner Club for their Tim Sum, Pretty good, Located at Gurney Drive.

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