3 April 2008


Introducing @PhotoShoot : http://penangphotoshoot.blogspot.com/
@ PhotoShoot is my Blog on Amateur Photography. (Snapshot is my Learning Blog.) I was bitten by the Photography bug, thanks to my elder brother, 30 years back. He gave me a permanent loan of a Pantax K1000, SLR (I actually still have it), and I purchase a 80 -200 zoom lens.
For the next 3 years while studying in Switzerland, I was shooting a roll of 36 every month, on top of being the school photographer. That cost me SFr 50 per month inclusive of Printing 3R photo and the Flim. (SFr 1 = RM 1.40 at that time), which is almost my entire monthly allowance.

I stop when I came back to Malaysia and started working, as my Pay check is barely enough to cover expenses and other priority like car, dating and family came up.
Now with the maturity of Digital Cameras, gives me the opportunity to restart this hobby at affordable price. Low price camera from Lelong.com, A blog to share the photograph, instead of printing it out, have brought the cost of this hobby down though it still costs for memory cards, storage, batteries, and the prints you do actually need etc.
The Fuji FinePix S5700, while not being a DSLR, is a extremely capable camera considering it price, It’s 10 X Optical and 4.8 X Digital zoom with 7.1mp give it the ability to reach out and shoot candid shots with out your target being aware of it even in low light condition. Though it picture can be a bit grainy, but better a slightly grainy shot then loss memories.
I achieve this slightly grainy and shaky photo, with the “target” around 200 meters away with all the zooms being set on maximum ie 10X Optical and 5 X Digital, (which frankly is not a good idea), further It’s a hand held shot with out any support.
It’s Super Macro enable me to photograph a close up of a Fly on a Tomato Sauce Bottle, for the photo see the earlier post, Super Macro Mode.
The link to @PhotoShop is here or look at the Good Blog section on the sidebar. You will find (that is over time) photography tips as well as various photographs to view. Please Note that the photos taken by the Fuji FinePix Camera have been resize to 2Mp and at 80% quality for ease of loading and memory space consideration.

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