26 April 2008

Federal Place/Theater Char Koey Teow

This Char Koey Teow Stall use to be at the Maybank that is near Lorong Kulit, where is a sign that say Kimbley Street Char Koey Teow, Now having move here there a Sign here that Say Ah Leng Char Koey Teow.
The Coffee Shop
Located not too far away from the Padang, Police Station at Datuk Keramat, the Stall is at a coffee shop just opposite Federal Theater or now what is now know as Federal Place along the main road George Town heading to Ayer Itam, Parking is hard to get.

The Stall (Right in front)

The Char Koey Teow here is as pricy at the one in Lorong Selamat, RM5 per plate normal and RM8 ++++ for special. The fella here use duck egg, and this stall is open for lunch. As with the price, what you get is extra big prawns. It is just as good as the stall in Lorong Selamat, without that long of a wait.

But to me it really a place i come too often, I bring out station big spending friends here as they are impress with the big prawns.

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