11 April 2008

Excellent Koey Teow Th'ng at Nibong Tebal, Penang

Penang Culinary Experience is found every where, Usually on the Island, but once in a while you can find them on the main land. Some how or other, Mainland Penangites seem to get to enjoy nice Koey Teow Th'ng, (Flat Rice noodles in Soup), This Kopi Tiam at Jalan Siong, Nibong Tebal sells only Koey Teow Th'ng and it is excellent.
The Dish is made with fresh ingredients such as prawns, pork meat ball and others parts as well, a Normal will set you back by RM3.50 and a Special by RM5.00 (thought with the price increase of noodles you may have to pay more). Kindly note that this is the only dish avaliable here so if you want some thing else sorry.

How to find this place you ask? Nibong Tebal is a pretty small town so it's not to difficult, If you enter town from the North, which is via the Railway Station, (tosai), Keep to your left, and near the end of the main road (way pass the Maybank) there is a small lane on the left, (lorong Siong) which is one way, drive up that lane till close to the end.


Note: Open Lunch Only

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