10 April 2008

Penang Laksa at Sungai Bakap

I had some nice Penang Laksa at Sungai Bakap Town, at a Road Side Stall, Just the other day.
Location: If heading south, turn left, if heading north turn right, at the only turning in the Sungai Bakap town, drove straight till you see a temple, drive in and park, you will see the laksa stall, they also have Chendol here, which goes well with the laksa.
Penang Lakas is Round Rice noodles serve in a spicy sourish fish soup, garnish with cucumber onions and salad cut in Jullian, should be eaten with prawn paste.
Chendol is another famous Penang food, Mini Pandan Flavored Dumplings serve with coconut milk, and gula melaka, (coconut brown suger) and ice.

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Doc said...

Hehe looks nice. I like the laksa at Balik Pulau. Here's my blog of it.