8 April 2008

Night Photo Mode - Fuji Finepix S5700

I use to take night photos back in my student days, using a Pentax K - 1000, I manage to get beautiful Night Photos of Geneva, and Montreux in Switzerland, So I decided to try out how well the Fuju Fine Pix will handle Night Photos.

At my favourite Burger Stall at Tanjung Bungah, (Previous Posts, Label Burger), i have a good view of Paradise Hotel, I decided to shoot the Roof Neon Signage, I brace the camera on the roof of my car, set it to "Night" for one Shot and "Auto" for the other. Set the self timer and shot away. Result: The "Auto" Shots were "Hazy"around the signage but more of the building can be seen. The "Night" shot (photo above), it is clear.

For my 2nd Trail, I took a photo of what i call, Sky Mansions, at Pearl Hill, (That a future Post), at maximum zoom and using the "Night" Setting, The above is the result, Clear view of the House Balcony.
This create my next problem, where to find beautiful pictures of Penang at night to shoot? This is where i can think off.
1. Prangin Mall Roof Top Parking?
2. Gurney Drive (Evergreen Hotel) shooting toward Bagan Jamal?
3. Esplanade? Shooting the Town Hall etc
4. Queensbay Mall area, toward the Bridge
5. Using the Emergency Stops on the Penang Bridge. ;-)
keep a watch out @PhotoShoot because there where i will be posing my photos from now.

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