7 March 2008

5 Star Breakfast!

This is my last Post for Hotel Equatorial Bangi, Putra Jaya, (for this visit) and it’s on the Breakfast the Hotel Provide. I will let my snapshots do the talking mainly.
. . Comment .
The breakfast provided with the room has almost everything one would wish for a breakfast, A Japanese Section, A Malay Section, A Chinese Section, Western Pastries etc if fact certain food that is typically not serve for breakfast as well. In Fact even if you take just a bit of each type of food, you will not need to have lunch at all, which is what i did.
. . Pro . A Wide Verity, which will satisfy any one, if you cannot find something to eat well let me know . Con . Too Much Food, Bad for my figure ;-) but seriously, noting that i can think off. . . Verdict . . Skip Lunch if you are having the Breakfast, and give your self a full hour to enjoy the breakfast.

Egg Counter

Wide Verity of Breads Hot Food
Nasi Lemak Counter
Beef Bacon, Chicken Ham
Pastry, of various type
Noodles, Tim Sum, Chinese Section
Cheese Platter
Breakfast Salad
Fruits on Ice
Juice, Cereals and more

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