20 March 2008

Chicken Rice

A Popular food among malaysians, as most malaysians can eat chicken and rice is the staple diet. Now Fast Food Chains are trying to cash in on this trend. The Chicken Rice Shop (earlier post) d0es it quite well. So I was game for more Fast Food Chicken Rice when my wife said let try this one out.
This reputable Fast Food Chain have a few different sets, We took the 2 person set, and took our seat, Food was brought over within 10 min. So far so good. The Chicken (Roast), Rice, Chillies Sauce, Beansprouts, and Beancurd. All for below RM20/-.

Well all was good and delicious, but for me it was a let down due to the chicken. Its over cook, and dryish. Dont get me wrong, the chicken was serve warm and delicious, just that i feel that it's was way overcook. Not my day i think.

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