31 March 2008

Low Light Trail for the Fuji FinePix S5700

Fuji FinePix S5700 performance in Low Light / Night with Lighting Conditions, I am satisfied with it performance especially when Compared with my camera phone the SE K750i.

Auto Mode, with 10X Optical Zoom in two different Light Conditions, Time Difference of around 15 Min.

This Photos are taken "Snapshot Style" on Auto with out any Zoom, without looking at the Display and No Flash.

As long as there is no direct light source, the photo came out good, not grainy and details can be clearly made out. I will have to try to shoot bracket shots, and try out a star cross filter. More Experiment is in Order.



Photo's taken at a Pasar Malam at Nibong Tebal, Image Resize from 7.1 MP


Now I get it to downloading Multiple Photo - Click on "download another".

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