15 March 2008

Back to Swee Garden, Nibong Tebal

Back to Food.
Sis in Law and Gang wanted to visit the Taiping Zoo, along with my wife and kids, I said go, I am working any way, but what for dinner? Oh we will call when we get back, and lets eat out was the answer. Ok I said let try Cheng Kee. Unfortunately it started to rain just before we left, and with Cheng Kee, Most of the table are outside, so it is back to Swee Garden.
All the Food on the Table. Lotus Root, Peanut With Pork Steam Soup (Good), what left of it.
Pai Kut Ong (Ok), Chinese Style Pork Chops Lala, Steam, (Good) Number 2 wack half of it on her own even with the chillies. Number 2 is only 3 years old. Steam White Pomfret, Teo chew Style, (Good)


Boil Octopus with the Chile Sauce

Verdict: Let say i prefer the Pork Legs, Total Damage: RM100 inclusive of Drinks

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