30 March 2008

Environmental Unfriendly Lorry

How can this lorry be on the road considering the amount of Black Smoke it is emitting? JPJ and the Transport Ministry should look into this very seriously.
My coworker say that this lorry is not too bad actually, there are worst offenders, just the other day he say that he saw a lorry that is emits so much smoke that he could not see the road! This snaps were taken on my way to the Post Office (Pos Laju) to get my new camera.
The Picture Below is a Driver who like to jump que by taking the right turn lane to be infront of the que, Unfortunately for him, I actually wanted to turn right, and created a ruckus as the light was green and he stop, so he got no choice but to go to the front, By that time the light have turn green.

First I get stuck behind a smoking lorry, then i get stuck behing this que jumping driver. Bad Trip



Fortunately for this driver, the Traffic Cops did not see this, I know the Cops cannot be every where but these guys deserve getting saman.

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