16 March 2008

Jalan Delima Makan

I have not have dinner in this area (Jalan Delima, Island Glade) for a long time, to be accurate before I started blogging, and surprise surprise, the place where i had tim sum with my cousin is no longer there (not that i wanted a bite there) In fact before I took my cousin there, it was even a longer time, 15 + years.

The Old Coffee Shop (Near the 4 D shop)

This area use to be a favourite of my family, long a go. Why did we not come back here? Traffic and timming i guess. Getting there is a hassle from Ayer Itam and Tg Bungah and cannot find proper car park, but its sure convenient if you are comming in from the Main land.

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. Any way there is a new coffee shop, in this block of Shops, Everthing looks new, I did not get the name by the way, but in general the food here is good. (By the way, I came here on the Night of 7th of March 2008. Just pre elections)

View of the New Coffee Shop

Interior View

This is what Penang lang call Laksa, Thick Round Rice Noodles in a Sourish (Asam) base fish soup with Prawn Paste. The Best I tasted for a long time. Yum!

Chee Chong Fun, Rice Roll, with Prawn / Shrimp Paste and Chillie, No Tee Chong Please, (Sweet Sauce) Yum! Again Nice and Thick Sauce, Best I tasted in a long time.

Tim Sum, Lots of Selection and its good.

Roast Duck Rice, Urg! One of the worst i ever tasted, I thought it good with around 20 ducks hanging, but it tasted like cardboard, overcook, dry, and Pricy

Hokkian Mee, Good. Please Note: Penangnite terms of food is different from other states, to them this is Prawn Mee.

I was sitting next to a Claypot Rice Stall, View of entrance.

The Decoration in a Coffee Shop, Wodden Spoons and Fork.

Well worth a vist for those who is looking of Penang food all in one place, Lots of Verity, Real Street Food, Just Horrible Parking!. For those of you comming in from Mainland, turn of the Highway just after Tesco, turn left at the frist traffic light, and turn left again. You will see a block of shop house, That the place

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The Malaysian Life said...

I miss real penang food.

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