12 May 2007

BM Street Food

BM Street Food.
Finding Good Street Food at Penang Mainland, is always a big problem, So find a place with quite reasonable food in a big event by it self.
Located Near the Saint Ann Church in Bukit Mertajam near the turn off to BM Country Club (Caltax Station is your landmark) is a collection of "Food Shacks" which is clasified as Street Food, With among the Best Char Koey Teow, Laksa, Pasembore, and Mee Goreng Mamak style on the Penang Main Land. It wont be easy to find, but if you are in the area and looking for food, you wont be disappointed.
Name of Restaurant : No Name.
Location: Main Road out of Bukit Mertajam towards Kulim at the turn off to the BM Country Club. Caltax Petrol Station.
Type of Food : Char Koey Teow, Laksa, Mee Goreng (mamak style), Pasembore, Rojak, Coconut Water
Category: Street Food
Price : Cheep Penang Price ($)
Parking : Just don't park on the Main Road
Time : Afternoon Only
Non Halal Food (Char Koey Teow)
Halal Food (Mee Goreng, Pasembore)
The Pasembore and the Mee Goreng is located at the 2nd "Shack", run by malays, and is popular enough for you to have wait for your mee goreng. What special here is the Special Kuah which contains Dry Sotong, Aromatic to me, but Bitter in taste to my wife. I enjoy the Kuah, which is use for both Mee Goreng tambah (add) sotong (cutter fish) and the Pasembore, A type of Indian Origin Salad of Jullian Turnips, Carrots, Cucumber with various Fritters, with boil potato and egg added. RM2.50 (see picture above)
Laksa, (Rice Noodles in Spicy Sour Fish Gravy, topped with Prawn Paste) available here is good enough to fight it with the Penang Laksa Hawkers. In Fact a number of Laksa Stall in Penang Island loose out to this stall.
Char Koey Teow here, well i would rate it at in the 65%, which is far better then most char koey teow on the Main land, but below average on the Island. Edible to cure my addiction to char koey teow in an emergency situation.
Warning !!!!!! for City Folks.
As Mention this foods are located in 2 Food shacks, along the Main Road, Do not expect any amanities such as wash basin, toilet, fans etc. It is a Shack, with Plastic Table and Chair on earth floor, real street food at the purest.
For Drinks here you have a choice of Coconut Water Ice in Glass, or Coconut Water with out Ice in Glass or Coconut Water in Coconut. The Real MaCoy not the fake coconut water nowadays in preprepared coconut. The Nuts are unloaded and cut here, on your order.
Finally, Give the Rojak Here a Miss.

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