10 May 2007

Breakfast at Pulau Tikus

Where can you go for a breakfast that include Eggs and Ham? A Hotel? Just drop by at New Garden Coffee Shop, Just opposite the Pulau Tikus Catholic Church / Convent School, along Burma Road.
You will have a large choice for breakfast only as the Coffee Shop operates principally in the Morning, In fact this is the Coffee Shop I come to if I bring Outstation Friends for Breakfast, as it offers one of the widest range and good food. For me, My first choice here is the curry mee here.
This Coffee Shop is one of the Best in Town for.
Char Hor Fun
Curry Mee
Wantan Mee And it seems to be the Only Place for
Banana Pancake
Name of Restaurant : New Garden Coffee Shop
Location: Burma Road, Pulau Tikus, towards Tg Bunga
Type of Food : Breakfast Western Food, Wan Ton Noodles, Curry Noodles, Hokkian Mee, Banana Pancake, Apom, and many others
Category: Typical Pg Coffee Shop
Price : Penang Price ($)
Parking : Limited but can find, Note Park in Parking Bay and slot in Money, MPPP visit this place frequently, during breakfast.
Time : Breakfast Only
Non Halal Food
A Plate of Ham (real Ham) with Fried Egg, Toast which my eldest daughter have for breakfast
One of the Best Sor Hor Fun in Town can be found in this Coffee shop, My wife say it is the number 1 for Hor Fun. Sor Hor Fun is a dish of Fried Rice Noodles, which is top with a Seafood, Vegetable and Egg(optional) gravy.
One of the Best Curry Mee in Town, (to me this is the Place for Curry Mee) , Yellow Noodles, and Thin Rice Noodles (Bee Hoon) in Curry Gravy topped with cockles, brown cuttle fish, Pig Blood Pudding, Vegetables, Fish Ball, and dont forget the Thick Chillies Sauce.
A Bowl of Hokkian Noodles (Penang Prawn Noodles Soup for those not from Penang), with a Mix of Hokkian / Loh gravy. Rating In the top 80%. Well in this Coffee Shop most of the items are good with the exception of Char Koey Teow.
Apom, Sold in a Roadside Stall just next to the Coffee Shop. Pretty Decent Apom for those who eat it. I don't usually consume this stuff.
Other Special Items at this Coffee Shop,
Rasa Rasa Penang rate the Wan Ton Mee Here as the top in Penang, I agree, but the couple selling the mee do not customise your order, Just order the standard version.
About the only place that sell Banana Pancake that i know off.
Note: This coffee shop is Busy, Expect to share a table, or come early before 8pm, after that it will get pack and after 11pm, well items will be sold out.

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Quachee said...

Hey thanks for the info. Have always loved food in Penang :) Will try it next time Im there :)

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