20 May 2007

Penang Flee Market

At Lorong Kulit Flee Market you find Old and New Side By Side. This Flee Market use to operate at Rope Walk at Downtown George Town, Penang Capital, were move to the Penang State Stadium(Island) main carpark a number of years back. This Open Air Market is open daily from 8am + to around Midday, where most of the Stalls will close. It draws a large crowd daily which will double during the week end.
Here you can find all sorts of stuffs, as i said Old stuffs or Junk or New Items such as replica watch, electronic gadgets, cloths, etc and in my humble opinion is a good place to bring the tourist to, except you will not find any here.
I will let my Camera Phone do the talking except for a few comments here and there.
Cheaper Cloths for sale! Don't forget to Bargain!

Bonsai and Plants for Sale!

Hardware, Electronic Items and stuffs!

Fruits! and they are Cheep!! Load up on Grapes and other fruits.

Junk?, Antiques and such, The main Stay of Lorong Kulit! See that Esso signage.

Odd and Ends, Old Electrical Stuffs and such.
Brass Items!
Worn out Electrical and other Goods.

More antiques!
Pets to take home.
Thief Market?
New Handphones, and Goodies, MP3 Players as well.
More Junk?

Money Changer? Nope, Money Collector, Coins, Notes, Stamps etc ........
To me this is the Unique Equivalent of KL Petaling Street! that the MPPP is trying to create at Campbell Street at night! I will finish this Post off with a saying, One man Poison is another man Meat, One man Junk is another man Treasure! See you there.....
Comment: SE K750i, camera seem to work better in the daytime then night.

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