5 May 2007

Wesak Day in Penang, Part 1

Wesak Day in Penang, Buddha Birthday
First off, I am not a Buddhist, My Wife family are Buddhist, as such I was rope in as the driver for the family to the Wesak Day Celebration in Penang. My Reward for doing the driving will be a Tim Sum Brunch at near by Macalister Road. As food is in the equation, and it's family business and to keep the Home quite, what choice do i have?
First off, after a early morning snack of Char Koey Teow at the Tanjong Bungah Market, it was off to Batu Ferringhi to pick up the rest of the Family and then down to Burma Road, the Malaysian Buddhist Association Building for our first stop over for Prayers as well as to bath the Buddha statue.
Our Entourage consists of my self, my wife, my 2 kids, my mother in law, my sister in law, and sis in law 2 kids. Now that is quite a hands full.
First off is to Bath the Little Buddha, With a line of around 100 person, It took a around 20 minutes to get to the front of the statue, with the ladle provided, you are suppose to pour flowered water over the statue.
then it is time for prayers at the front of the hall.
And then to Place Candles
Out side the hall, you will find all sorts of vegetarian food being sold.
Then it is off to the next stop at the Thai Buddhist temple at nearby Perak Road.

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