13 May 2007

Tanjung Bunga Night Market

As mention in my previous post on Night Market, each individual Night Market have its own character, and even individual items sold there. At Tanjong Bungah, an Important Town in Penang (the Chief Minister Constituency for the past 8 elections i think) with 4 International class hotels, the TAR college, the Pasar Malam here have a more international flavour.
Located at all around Tanjung Bungah Market, along its service roads and carpark, This Night Market operates from 7pm till 10pm on Tuesday Nights only, and offer different selection of Stalls and better quality of product from my earlier post of Night Market at Val D'or. Below are a few snapshots of food products found here.
At the Market Food Court, you can find Hong Kong Chee Chong Fun, prepared fresh and right in front of you. A difficult dish to prepared as we have to steam the dough in a steamer together with its stuffing of Prawns or Char Siew (BBQ pork), and then transferred to a marble slap for it to be rolled. It is then Cut and plated, and topped with a soya sauce dressing with Chillie paste. Normally found where tim sum is serve in restaurant, this dish cost just a affordable RM2 per plate here. It may not be the best, but it is close to the best.
Frankie Pizza, a top Penang Base Franchise Pizza, from way back, started around 1990, now have a few outlets in Coffee Shops as well as in Night Market. This is Pizza Malaysian Style, with Mayonnaise. At this night market here Pizza comes in a Van with a built in Oven and it is bake fresh (from prebake pizza base, to cut down the preparation time)
Penang is know for its Poh Piah, or unfried Spring Roll, (same ingredients as fried spring roll but with a "fresh" wrapper. Here in the above Picture we have the Malays Version of this dish. Quite High Fiber / Healthy as it incorporates steam vegetables with turnips, cucumber, carrots with various flavoring ingredients such as chillies paste, or fried mini shrimps.
Here we also have a Pet "Shop" with various assorted pets for sale.
a Upmarket KL franchise pow, have also open up, cannot remember the name, but it start with B. This stall have various special pows such as Ocean Delight and as such. Other Stalls like VCD, Sunglasses, Vegetables, Fruits, and other Food Stalls are available here as well. Parking is terrible, as the Night Market is located on the Parking lots, and the early birds park at the unused bus station. I usually have to park on the main road, and walk in to the Market. May be our Chief Minister can look into this problem.

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