19 May 2007

Tai Tong Tim Sum

Fancy having Tim Sum at Night? Usually Tim Sum is consume in the Morning for Breakfast with a few Upmarket Restaurant serving it for Lunch. Tim Sum at night can be usually found at certain food courts, It is rare to find a restaurant serving Tim Sum at Night As such This Tai Tong Restaurant in Penang (Nothing to do with the Giant Restaurant Chain base in KL) is pretty unique.
Name of Restaurant : Tai Tong Restaurant.
Location: 45 Leboh Cintra, Just a few steps from Campbell Street.
Type of Food : Tim Sum, and Restaurant Food
Category: Non Air Con Restaurant
Price : ($$)
Parking : Available
Time : 6am - 3pm, 6.30pm till 12pm)
Non Halal Food
A typical Olden Days Chinese Restaurant (non aircon) that does pretty good tim sum, fried noodles & Restaurant Chinese Food. Tim Sum here are serve in heated trolleys in metal baskets. You will find all the usual verity of tim sum here fried, steam etc
As it is a small shop, the trolley's come around quite frequently, so you do not need to order a lot of item at a go.
In the above picture, you have (Clock wise from top left), Pork Legs in Vinegar - very good taste but small pieces of pork legs only, Siew Mai - OK , Prawn Roll - OK , Fried Beancurd Prawns - Crispy (upper left) Shark Fin Har Kow - OK, Prawns with Century Egg - OK , stew chicken legs - well 50 - 50, a seaweed roll - well can be better, and Har Kow - OK.
In this picture from lower left, you have egg tart, excellent the best dish in the restaurant, the egg is silky soft, yam dumplings - OK.
Hor fun here, is the old style Hor fun, with Pork Liver, which is quite difficult to find. The Pork liver is cut thick, as such it is not overcook. - Excellent dish to order.
They also have a very good longan jelly, see photo below,
As usual in restaurants where tim sum is serve in trolleys, you will have the order chit on the table.
Items range from RM0.60 to RM6.00, with majority of items in the RM2.00 to RM3.00 range total damage for dinner of 2 adults, 1 child and toddler came up to RM42/- inclusive of Chinese Tea. Pretty Fair Price for a Non Air Con Restaurant.
Must Have dish in the restaurant is the Hor Fun, Egg tart, and the Longan Jelly.

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