17 May 2007

Petaling Street in Penang, What Happening

On the Opening day of Petaling Street in Penang, there were street dance, A good start so I thought when reading the News paper report. One fine Tuesday nite, i decided to drop by at Campbell street to take a look at what was happening at Penang "Petaling Street"
It was very quite, with not all the lots occupied, not many people was walking around, but there were 2 policeman on duty(that good). Talking to some of the nearby traders, this is the typical daily crowd, the weekend crowds is not much better either. Well MPPP, better do some thing about it and fast.
What is available here? Just your typical Pasar Malam stuffs, Infact the Pasar Malam at Val D'or in Seberang Prai Selatan is much better. Any way MPPP, just look at the Pasar Malam at Batu Ferringhi. It has the stuffs the tourist wants and appreciate. At Campbell street, at this rate it is going........ it may well be gone soon.
The Street Food here, well the only well know food is the Penang Laksa, of the 6 food stalls there. The rest you have taiwan sausage ..... you get the picture.
The Stalls are place in a manner they block the "Shops", There is No Tourist Attraction, the lights are too few and not impressive, Just the Normal Stuffs for a small time pasar malam being traded, again nothing to attract tourists, and a few stall was occupying 5 lots, as the lots size are too small. Of course there are a few lots that were interesting but they are just too few, too small to be notice.
I hope for the traders sake, business will improve, as i am sure some of them are trying their best, Just that there are no tourist coming here. Why? Are promotional effort being done in the individual Travel Agencies, the State Penang Tourist PPL?
Will i come back here again. Well no when there are better pasar malam all over Penang, or I can drop in to KL Petaling Street. (note: last two photo's from a stall at cintra street)

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