17 May 2007

Char Koey Teow Malay Style

Char Koey Teow Malay Style definitely means one thing, no pork, However up North here Malays Char Koey Teow can mean another thing. (Picture Below is another thing). Normal Char Koey Teow is usually found in Coffee Shops, food court and so on. Malay Char Koey Teow is usually found is Open Air Warongs (Small Road Side Coffee Shacks), and in mainly malay areas.
Needing A Fix of Char Koey Teow one night lead me to this Warong located opposite the South Masjid of Sungai Bakap, Near the hospital. This warong operates at night and charge RM2.50 for a plate for Fried Koey Teow (Not fried to me) that was swimming in a Prawn, Chillies and Egg gravy (Like Hor fun), but surprisingly tasty, Good enough for me to have 2 . When I was around in KL and in the south, I cannot find this version of Malay Char Koey Teow.
The total damage for 5 plates, 3 drinks came up to RM14.50. Give it a Try, Halal

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