22 May 2007

Breakfast at Pulau Tikus, Another Visit

On the other side of Pulau Tikus, along Burma Road, Oppersit of the Pulau Tikus Police Station, near the Pulau Tikus Market, there is a old coffee shop that goes with the name of Kwai Lock. Operating way back in 1970's if not further back (This coffee shop is a must for breakfast for my parents, when ever we are back in Penang during my early years), this Coffee Shop have a large number of Hawkers offering good food, and is open mainly for breakfast and lunch.
Name of Restaurant : Kwai Lock Coffee Shop Location: Burma Road Oppersit the Pulau Tikus Police Station Type of Food : Stree Food Galore Category: Non Air Con Old Style Coffee Shop Price : ($ to $$) Parking : Available around the side lanes Time : Breakfast & Lunch Non Halal Food
This morning we try out the Curry Mee, which is compareable with the New Garden Coffee Shop Curry Mee. In fact I remember my grandma having the Curry Mee here years ago. Aromatic Soup, Excellent chillie ....... top 95%
Char Koey Teow, Normal, 70% rating, done the way i like it.
Sar Hor Fun, done the Old style way, Fairly good.
The Koey Teow Thng is excellent, though pricy at RM4/- per bowl, full of goodies
Give the Hokkian Mee a miss.
This Coffee shop have a large number of stall in side and outside, Many more then what i can have for breakfast. Give it all a try ....

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