6 May 2007

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice

What so good about Fatty Loh Chicken Rice?
At one time around 20 years back, they use to sell 400 chicken in a day. At that is operating during lunch only, and in a coffee "shack" the size of 10 cars park side by side. That how good it is, or shell i say it use to be.
History of Fatty Loh Chicken Rice
I was first introduce to Fatty Loh Chicken Rice way back 30 years ago, when my father purchase our family house in Tanjong Bungah. During our weekly visit (my father was working in Alor Star at that time) to the house for gardening work, we will have our lunch here, and when my father was transferred back to Penang Island, we will have lunch here twice or even three times in a week.
Fatty Loh Chicken Rice at that time was in a coffee "shack", the size of 3 cars park side by side. and from there on grew in size to 10 car park side by side as mention above. It was Located at the Junction of Fetty Park Road, with the Main Tanjong Tokong Road, till Ivory Group purchase the land and started to build their complex.
That was the time where Fatty Loh Chicken Rice Split in to a few place with each of them claiming to the Original Fatty Loh Chicken Rice, all of them operated by the one of the Children of Mr Fatty Loh.
One of them move to a place at Tanjong Tokong before going back to Fatty Park, The other move to Pulau Tikus and now to Nagore Road. And if i am not mistaken there is one in Falim, Ayer Itam.
This Post is about the Nagore Road outlet. Open not to long ago, this is a upmarket outlet serving slightly pricy ($$) chicken rice in a newly refurbish shop house. Cost for a Chicken Rice here is RM3.80+ thigh meat (Service charge applicable) , which you can get in other place around RM2.80.
Photo of Nagore Road, Refurbish Shop House, housing food outlets. A Food Street! all in Restaurants.
Name of Restaurant : Fatty Loh Chicken Rice
Location: Nagore Road off Burma Road, Near Giant Supermarket / Penang Plaza
Type of Food : Chicken Rice
Category: Upmarket Coffee Shop / Air con
Price : Slightly Pricey (but if you factor in the Air Con) ($$)
Parking : Limited but can find
Non Halal Food
What Special Here?
One of the Few Chicken Rice Shop (from it original Days) to serve Chicken Blood Pudding, Chicken Intestine (particularly rare) with it chicken rice.
The day we were there, the Special is a Salted Fish Bone Curry which to my humble taste buds were superb, The item above the curry is the Blood Pudding. Soft and Nice
Portion of Steam & Roast Chicken, (soft and smooth - both types). Total Cost for lunch for 2 adults 1 Kid 1 toddler, came up to RM30. (4 portions of chicken, 1 blood pudding, 1 large curry salted fish, 3 rice, 3 drinks) The Meal came up to my expectation, but i was slightly disappointed that the chicken intestine was not available. We came for lunch at 12 noon.
Also available now a days are Roast Duck, Roast Meat, Chicken Koey Teow Soup which was not available during the old days. Give their chicken porridge a try, it's good.

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polycube said...


I'm an American staying at the Ivory properties building ("tanjung park") and I pass the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice restaurant as I leave for work. Thank you for this post which explains it!

It sounds like this might be the original location, or very close.

I will stop in and try it now!