30 April 2007

Petaling Street in Penang, The Beginning

The Star reported that from tomorrow 1st May 2007, that there will be a New Night Market at Cambell Street operated by Penang Municipal Council. It will operate from 6pm till 11pm for one month before moving to 3 other locations namely Johor Road, Ls Salle School in Air Itam and Batu Lanchang before returning to Cambell Street in September. The Long term goal is to turn Cambell Street into a permanent night market area and hope to be a hit with the tourists.
Snapshots say "Well and Good" you have my full support, congratulation on getting up and say let do some thing to attract the tourist back to Penang. Do some thing more like what is suggested by Restaurant Owner Ibrahim, quote "we need something more unique and exciting to lure tourist", " we should organise more cultural events in the area. " unquote by the Star.
Snapshots suggest:
1) Allow & encourage the current shop operators to expend in to the 5 foot way or even on to the road, to keep the unique identity of Cambell Street. this is especially for the Restaurant / Food Operators.
2) Other Stalls to be restricted to the middle of the road or on the 5 food way for those shops who do not want to extend out or is close. Do not block shop that are open. Stalls Should not "block" the views.
3) Ensure Walkways for passage.
4) Presence of POLICE in required in all areas along the street to discourage bad hats.
5) Have a Street Carnival, Street Cultural events, Street Magic Shows, Street Dance, etc to attract people along the entire road at the same time not only at selected points and on not on stage!!!! the whole idea is to make the tourist / people move along to see things and not camp out at certain areas only so that all the stalls benefits.
6) Get enough Parking for Cars and Tourist Bus!!!!!!!
Once I pay a visit, there will be more suggestions.


FireHorse said...

Hmmm so many years living in Penang, until I visit your blog I dinno, I dinno so many places - malu-ation oni. I really do love coming here especially when I am home sick, thank you :o)

FireHorse said...

Just came back to check that you are doing okay :o)