23 February 2008

Butterworth Lorong Kulit / Taman Selat Day Market

Location : Taman Selat is located, as you head North along Butterworth Main Road, it on the Left before the Town Padang (Field), the market is near Public Bank, CIMB Bank etc, turn in as soon as you see CIMB Bank, there is a big car park which charge RM2 per entry which make it convenient to Park The Taman Selat Day Market, is Butterworth answer to Penang Island Lorong Kulit, Smaller but without the Fruits Stalls and Plants Stall, and with much more of a Malay Flavour. As such those looking for Malay products should come here. And come early, They also close after lunch.
This Day Market is unlike the one at Lorong Kulit. It is located along the five foot way of a row of shops. What do we have here, basically what you will get at Lorong Kulit, cloths, leather goods, perfume, vcds, kris etc. Located here is a pretty good electronic toy shop.
By the way, are these instrument legelly able to be sold in Malaysia? I have notice these in Malay Pasar Malam especially in the Northern States.

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Robo said...

It's been a long time never step in here. I miss my home town!