15 February 2008

Return to Swee Garden

I was send a SMS, during The Chinese New Year that Mr Chung Four D, Mr Chung To To, and Mr Chung Magnum will be paying a visit to Me, But Not Mr Chung Sa Man What is ment was that the sender hope that I will strike (Chung = Strike) a betting number, with wither 4D, Magnum or Toto, but not to Get a saman during the festive period.
Well a Mr Chung Four D, visited one of my Office Colleagues, and to celebrate this occasion it was off to the restaurant for a meal. Chang Kee was close on this day, as such it was Swee Garden.
. The Restaurant was pack, but we found a table and place our order of .

Steam bitter gourd with pork soup.

Thai Style Pork Leg

Beancurd braised with Squid, Prawns and Ku Chai

And a Steam White Pomfret

. . It was about 45min before the food arrive. Total Damage, RM90 for the three of us. Food was excellent. . . .
Comment: Some how or other, people seem contented to wait at normal coffeeshop or restaurant, but once they go to a Hotel or Proper Coffee House or Restaurant they will start making complaints on having to wait for food. I wounder why. .
. .

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